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a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society

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Pierre Bourdieu, one of the major French sociologists, had an initial phase as a professional sociologist proposing value neutrality and "epistemological vigilance.
Ladner was certainly strident in her convictions--in reference to the fact that African American sociologists held a unique position in American society in the 1970s--that they "were influenced intellectually by the Black culture and "'awareness thrust,' and that some of them sought to understand and interpret this phenomenon as sociologists" (p.
Second, sociology is based on a premise of objectivity, by which I simply mean that sociologists have the obligation to observe and describe reality as they see it, seeking to impartially understand the deeper functioning of a society.
Much of this book's content that focuses on representative sociology noir work reveals juicy details of relationships between the Chicago school personnel and their intellectual and personal habits, confirming that sociologists are voyeurs.
Because the news broke while army sociologists were preparing the surgeon general's 2004 survey, the military leadership in Iraq requested a special assessment of mental health among the troops still stationed at the prison complex.
As the sociologist Goldstone put it, "general laws" of human behavior are interesting and may offer insight into individual behavior, but offer little help to social scientists seeking to determine historical causality.
Popular collections include the Alain Locke Papers, architect of the Harlem Renaissance; Mordeci Johnson Papers, the first black president of Howard University; the records of the Congressional Black Congress; and the Ophelia Setties Egypt Papers, a sociologist.
As a sociologist and psychologist, Odum believed that folk songs were a true expression of the feelings and mental imagery of the race and thus constituted a tool for the study of racial psychology, morals, and capabilities.
Democracy was part of the curatorial process, nourished as it was by collaborations between artists and scientists, ethnologists, sociologists, and philosophers, the fruit of long preparation and regular meetings at Latour's Paris home.
Sociologist Travis Hirschi (14) suggested that three social forces prevent people from committing crimes.
D26274_1 ON TRACK: Sociologist Gayle Letherby, author of the book.
It reduces the emotional, distance," says Sharon Zukin, an urban sociologist at Brooklyn College.
This is the choleric but very funny site of the Key Centre for Architectural Sociology aka former Sydney University architecture school sociologist Garry Stevens.
D'Erasmo is as much a sociologist as a stylist, and her observations of this particular moment in gay San Francisco are so true to life that you will gasp (or groan) with recognition.
In a compelling new account, however, Richard Arum, a New York University sociologist, argues otherwise.