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Canadian Review of Sociology /Revue canadienne de sociologie 45(1):93-119.
This said, the individual chapters that deal variously with the sociology of development, urban sociology, the sociologies of education, the family, medicine, work, class, religion, language, crime, ethnicity in general and the specific issues of the three major ethnic groups (Chinese, Malays and Indians) provide excellent and well documented surveys, supported by useful although necessarily selective bibliographies of each of these fields.
We titled our panel session "Feminist Sociologies of Care, Work, and Families in Canada: Histories, Stories, and New Challenges.
The difference between the translated English title and the original French title--L'invention de la sociologie noire aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique: Essai en sociologie de la connaissance scientifique--of Pierre Saint-Arnaud's important and richly researched book (or "essay") seems to indicate a productive tension within its core argument.
In responding to the 10 papers on Canadian sociology I will develop the matrix that defines the division of sociological labour--professional, policy, public, and critical sociologies.
This path is not new either, but it has emerged much more recently than the bibliographic control schemes that mark the heyday of progressivism in American librarianship; it is rooted in the histories and sociologies of knowledge.
Why sociology does not need to be saved: Analytic reflections on public sociologies.
9) Mainstream categories included research methods, and the sociologies of the family, deviance/criminology, social movements, education, rural societies, gender.
In "For public sociology" and other essays, Michael Burawoy acknowledges that the national sociologies of countries other than the US (e.
There is also a pervading sense that the large and comparatively well-funded US discipline is inward-looking in ways that ignore or reduce sociologies in other places (Armer 1987; Chase-Dunn 2005).
It might seem paradoxical that calls for more local sociologies appear at the very time of globalization.
Some sociologists continue to trumpet the importance or significance of "national" sociologies, which are often viewed as essential in their linkages with government funding, technical skills development, and policy-relevant responses to extant social problems (e.
In the second section, we group together two case studies of regional and national sociologies, grounding the broader issues introduced somewhat polemically in the first section with specific discussions of globalization in practice within two major sociological communities: Russia and Africa.
In contrast to my perspective, a number of scholars suggest that any problems in Canadian sociology are no worse than ones faced by Canadian political science, history, or economics, or in sociologies in other nations.
The period of succession is full of potential for the configuration of many different sociologies.