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"Critical Nexus or Pluralist Discipline?: Institutional Ambivalence and the Future of Canadian Sociology." Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie 52(3):310-32.
Singapore sociology, as I know from experience, is very cut off from other regional Southeast Asian sociologies, and while this book admirably documents the huge productivity of Singapore-based sociologists, both native and expatriate, and does much to combat the historical amnesia in Singapore of which it rightly complains, it also illustrates some of the directions in which a creative Singapore sociology might go: towards a greater globality, a firmer grasp of theoretical debates on the international scale, away from its preoccupation with methodologies, especially those of a very positivist kind, and with more consideration for the alternative voices that fall outside of institutionalized Singapore sociology.
Introduction to public sociologies: A symposium from Boston College.
Cox's Capitalism as a Social System (1964) confirms his reputation as an iconoclast and an outsider (to "both" sociologies), for example, but also his significance as an innovator and inaugurator of a new sociology.
Second, as I shall argue, Canadian sociology is uniquely placed to develop a public sociology in synergy with advances in professional, policy, and critical sociologies, and in step with John Porter's appeal over 40 years ago.
1-18 in Judith Blau and Keri Iyall Smith, eds., Public Sociologies Reader.
(9) Mainstream categories included research methods, and the sociologies of the family, deviance/criminology, social movements, education, rural societies, gender.
In "For public sociology" and other essays, Michael Burawoy acknowledges that the national sociologies of countries other than the US (e.g., Brazil, Norway, South Africa) differ substantially from the US case.
There is also a pervading sense that the large and comparatively well-funded US discipline is inward-looking in ways that ignore or reduce sociologies in other places (Armer 1987; Chase-Dunn 2005).
It might seem paradoxical that calls for more local sociologies appear at the very time of globalization.
Some sociologists continue to trumpet the importance or significance of "national" sociologies, which are often viewed as essential in their linkages with government funding, technical skills development, and policy-relevant responses to extant social problems (e.g., Engbersen 2005; Thorns 2003; Wesolowski 2005; see Crothers 1999; Genov 1989).
In the second section, we group together two case studies of regional and national sociologies, grounding the broader issues introduced somewhat polemically in the first section with specific discussions of globalization in practice within two major sociological communities: Russia and Africa.
In contrast to my perspective, a number of scholars suggest that any problems in Canadian sociology are no worse than ones faced by Canadian political science, history, or economics, or in sociologies in other nations.
2004 "Public Sociologies: Contradictions, Dilemmas and Possibilities." Social Forces 82:1603-1618.
The period of succession is full of potential for the configuration of many different sociologies. We argued for a reflexive sociology, and urged colleagues on hiring committees and on comprehensive examination boards to promote it.