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His conclusion is that recordings produced outside of industrial hubs, such as New York or Chicago, commercially benefited from being sociologically disconnected, which in this case translates as "difficult-to-categorize" (19).
When this happens, unions become stronger both financially and sociologically, and there will be no room for conflict and unrest.
His photography of Asian men has been subject to thesis graduate work in RMIT (Australia) for it's cultural impact sociologically and culturally.
But the discussion thus far, while valuable sociologically (and mostly in a Kuhnian way, addressing discrepancies between the linear model and how innovation actually occurs in the lab), provides no new insight for research policy design and implementation.
The Huffington Post said: "If you're after something thought-provoking and sociologically investigative, check out instead Channel 4's 'Crazy About One Direction'.
By way of introduction, Foster lets readers know, in a sociologically nuanced way, that she will take the commonly framed presumptions about generations at work and check them against work-life stories of real people she interviews.
This is a theologically and sociologically informed work, but it is not theologically or sociologically driven.
While writing with great sympathy, the authors criticize the view that "contemporary Islamic thinkers are treated sociologically rather than as theologians" in academia (p.
Non-executive directors are primarily responsible for protecting shareholder and stakeholder value in all aspects of a business -- financially, operationally and sociologically.
All the ripest paradoxes of the courtier's Renaissance koan were on view at Rob Pruitt's recent extravaganza--a hilariously gigantic, tirelessly ironic, and sociologically fascinating show that featured dozens (hundreds?
The prospectus says: "The central objective is to unravel the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga.
Much has changed economically, politically and sociologically since Camden Yards debuted in 1992.
For academics and students, the quarter forms a distinctive world within Lebanon's capital Beirut that is ripe for study, both historically and sociologically.
This text carries the public sociology movement into the classroom and teaches students to think sociologically, to develop a sociological eye, and to use sociological tools to become effective participants in a democratic society.
What has happened politically and sociologically in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe continues to be documented with ardor.