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Although potentially applicable to geographic, ecologic, and sociologic driver detection, only a fraction of these data have been processed for analysis on current research infrastructure, and even less is publicly accessible.
But before psychiatry congratulates itself for its moral fortitude, we would do well to remember that the Department of Homeland Security's Office of University Programs awarded $39 million to 12 academic institutions in 2011, to create "centers of excellence" related to cybersecurity, counterintelligence measures, disaster preparedness, prevention of terrorism, and research into the sociologic and psychological causes of radicalization.
Estudi sociologic del cas Barcelona, Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona--Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
The Sacred in the Modern World--A Cultural Sociologic Approach.
In deed for this sociologic living purpose a prophetic personality is needed.
Epidemiologic economic and sociologic aspects of hernia surgery in the United States in the 1990s.
Sociologic research suggests that middle-school-aged youth may be more likely to take the advice of high-school-aged peers than that of their doctors.
As these sociologic and economic approaches are conjugated, epistemological issues arise.
Dicfionarul Blackwell de Sociologie: Ghid de utilizare a limbajului sociologic, Bucuretti: Humanitas Publishing.
Since, from a sociologic viewpoint, the focus of ethical decision-making is indeed different between the U.
For questions of sociologic questionnaire with quantitative scales maximum estimated numeric value of evaluation of response variance is [S.
The sociological monograph initiated by Gusti and promoted by the Bucharest Sociologic School offers a tri-dimensional comprehension in time, she says, that correlates traditions of the past with present reality and with opportunities of the future.
The hyping of big data leads to the withering away of interpretation--not through the actions of a cabal, but through a sociologic of excluding from the archive all data which is not big.
This sociologic context thus makes India one of the most appropriate places for evaluating the impact of the KMC program on the father's role and involvement with his infant.