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the study of language in relation to its sociocultural context

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Exploring how political economy intersects with sociolinguistics, Block looks at how neoliberalism, inequality, and social class mediate language in society issues.
This middle volume on Middle English considers traditional linguistic matters such as phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, but also less traditional ones such as creolization, sociolinguistics, literary language in Chaucer and others, pragmatics and discourse, dialectology, standardization, language contacts, and multilingualism.
An introduction to sociolinguistics; society and identity.
From the region of academe where linguistics, Spanish, and social sciences meet, researchers provide a broad reference to the field of Hispanic sociolinguistics, which has grown into an independent subfield over the past two decades.
The essays reviewed in this topical bibliography and commentary show that new studies in the teaching of grammar usually reflect the insights of contemporary linguistic theory and sociolinguistics. The bibliography/commentary concludes that the work of Tony Burgess shows that though it has undergone a vigorous assault, and though teachers' organizations discourage its use, grammatical instruction has been difficult to erase from the English curriculum.
To explore the role of language in national identity in Indonesia, Zentz analyzes not only texts of language planners and national and regional policy statements, but also university English majors' discussions in sociolinguistics class assignment, and research interviews they participated in.
Among her perspectives are gratitude in first and second languages, blackboard politeness, and face-work in sociolinguistics interviews.
In this paper, I draw from a variety of fields ranging from neuroscience to sociolinguistics to propose an over-arching theoretical framework that allows us to both make sense of what we see in the classroom and to compare a variety of specific theoretical approaches.
Compared to the most recent previous comprehensive survey of languages and linguistics of South Asia, the 1969 Current Trends in Linguistics 5, this volume places more emphasis on language contact and convergence, and draws insights from sociolinguistics into such matters as code switching and code mixing, diglossia, and South Asian languages in the diaspora.
This book is intended for those interested in sociolinguistics and multicultural education.
Diversification of Mexican Spanish: A Tridimensional Study in New World Sociolinguistics
In The Sociolinguistics of Development in Africa, Djite (sociolinguistics, U.
This paper addresses the interplay between the disciplines of psychology and sociolinguistics in second language acquisition.
Considering the Huguenots first in France and then in diaspora, they discuss such topics as doctrine and liturgy of the Reformed Churches of France, pastors and professors as shapers of Huguenot tradition, the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and the Desert, sociolinguistics of the Huguenot communities in German-speaking territories, and Huguenot congregations in colonial New York and Massachusetts: reassessing the paradigm of Anglican conformity.
It discusses the following: the linguistics of Japanese; writing systems; variants of speech; dialects of Japanese; sociolinguistics of Japanese; the impact of English on Japan; and how to teach EFL to Japanese people.