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the study of language in relation to its sociocultural context

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Also, it may be the case that dativized double object constructions in BP are sociolinguistically marked, associated with reasonable levels of familiarity and between interlocutors--as in conversations between child and care-takers or within families--the specific case of utterances (8) and (9) above.
Our aim is to show how the manner and effects of this intertwining are sociolinguistically complicated by gender, ethnic and religious identity.
Consequently, learning a language no longer means acquiring communicative competence, in other words being able to act in a foreign language in linguistically, sociolinguistically and pragmatically appropriate ways (Council of Europe 2001), but also becoming interculturally competent, which can be defined as being able "to behave adequately in a flexible manner when confronted with actions, attitudes and expectations of representatives of foreign cultures" (Meyer 1991: 138).
is a sociolinguistically constructed 'truth' about the appeal of some idea; an interpretation that won out over many other possible interpretations through a communicative process" (2005, 585).
Diffloth also affirms that temiir has no other meaning in Semai than "Temiar": sociolinguistically, therefore, it is a pure, "opaque" ethnonym.
The second half of this essay therefore contends that Poniatowska's translation is a more culturally calibrated and sociolinguistically representative translation of Mango Street than that of De Heriz.
In addition, the proposed scenario works not only sociolinguistically, by relying on the common processes of bilingual transfer and functional reanalysis, but also phonetically and semantically; in fact, derivation of a marker of oblique pronouns from the accusative pronouns of one or more substrate languages is able to explain the current semantics of the augmented forms somewhat better than the alternative proposals.
Because of these discussions about the inessive ending in the Voro literary language, it has also been a sociolinguistically interesting variable.
Sociolinguistically, this is the most interesting area in which social relations can be observed at a microscopic level, and its relevance to fictional novels is obvious.
Olaniyi, new forms of expressions in 'English' identified as peculiarly Nigerian were sociolinguistically x-rayed by the authors.
Sociolinguistically, two ethno-linguistic varieties of Afrikaans are recognised alongside standard Afrikaans: Cape Afrikaans and Griqua Afrikaans (also called Orange River Afrikaans (see Van Rensburg 1984).
Sociolinguistically, it is necessary to provide some brief considerations when speaking about a 'speech community'.
Other studies, more sociolinguistically oriented, have chosen to emphasize the effect of such interactions on the development of interactive competences relating specifically to acceptable interrelationships in the classroom community--that is, behavioral routines, scripts for language use, and participant structure (Baker & Perrott, 1988; Peled-Elhanan & Blum-Kulka, 2006; Poveda, 2001).
Jenkins, Jennifer, "A sociolinguistically based, empirically researched pronunciation syllabus for English as an International Language.
This paper attempts to elucidate what these factors are; and it uses evidence from the history of English to argue that the linguistic events currently affecting RP are sociolinguistically nothing new or modern, and indeed are the result of sociolinguistically inevitable processes of diffusion and change which have persisted for very many generations.