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a linguist who studies the social and cultural factors that influence linguistic communication

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Abdesalam Soudi is a sociolinguist at the University of Pittsburgh
In section four I show that Spanglish cannot be viewed as just a casual oral register, and in section five I bring together some views from sociolinguists and border studies to suggest the need to consider not only purely linguistic aspects of this phenomenon but also the important cultural, social and political issues involved.
48) This accords with what the sociolinguist Charles Boberg has recently noted about accent and Canadian culture: given "the close similarity of American and Canadian culture at many levels, subtle differences in form of expression--as opposed to content--may take on a heightened importance in distinguishing Canadian from American cultural products.
5) Sociolinguist, anthropologist, and folklorist who established comparative ethnographic linguistic studies.
This volume challenges linguists, sociolinguists, teachers, learners, policy makers and communities of users to respond to the still pervasive monolingualism, and to recognise the very rich language and culture possibilities that are the fabric of contemporary Australia in a globalised, naturally multilingual world.
In other words, even though I understood what sociolinguists and psycholinguists and others of the sort are concerned with and the ways in which their fields differ; I had not yet adjusted my language to reflect the fact that certain concepts and arguments which to me seemed idiomatic were so politically loaded or nuanced as to be incompatible between disciplines, especially at the level of discourse that I was expected to maintain as an emerging scholar.
In Book I, Dante not only lays out a universalist philosophy of language, but engages the reader as a historical comparativist, dialectologist, sociolinguist and varationist.
When I interviewed older students about their experiences learning formal Arabic they said it was like going back a century, so we knew we would have to get creative to capture children's interest," said Zeinab Ibrahim, a professor of Arabic at CMUQ and a renowned sociolinguist.
To be successful, Zeinab Ebrahim, a professor of Arabic at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and a renowned sociolinguist, knew they would need to look beyond traditional teaching methods.
IT was sociolinguist Lourdes Tirouvanziam- Louis's ground- breaking cookbook, The Pondicherry Kitchen , which awakened us to the unique cuisine of the land we associate with Sri Aurobindo, French colonialism and the fashionable leather brand Hidesign.
Kinyarwanda, which can be called the 'national language par excellence of Rwanda' in the sense that it is spoken by all Rwandans, it should become the official language in the full sense of the term in the new sociolinguist configuration of Rwanda.
Tannen is an interactional sociolinguist; her work exemplifies an approach to language and gender that likens male/female difference to cultural difference and studies its linguistic or interactional manifestation in the same way that other sociolinguists have studied (mis) communication among speakers of different racial, ethnic and national groups.
Sociolinguist Ivo Zanic declared in the Croatian daily Novi List on 24 January, 2012: "It is legal, but it is stupid .
112) Sociolinguist David Crystal argues that "language is not only an element of culture itself; it is the basis for all cultural activities" (113) and that "every language provides a unique insight into human condition and presents a view of the world that is shared by no other.
Such a linguistic re-construction would entail new thinking about the role of diversity in a speech community, along the lines described by the Indian sociolinguist, Lachman Khubchandani (1987), who clearly demonstrates that the vernaculars of a community have a fundamental role: "In a hierarchical patterning of speech variation", he writes, "no single variety can be associated with the dominant role [.