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a biologist who studies the biological determinants of social behavior

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Curiously, whether he knows it or not, Joe here echoes the philosopher whom Daniel Dennett calls "the second great sociobiologist [after Hobbes]" (461), Friedrich Nietzsche.
Speaking at the National Press Club recently, the world-renowned sociobiologist E.
No less a committed sociobiologist than Richard Dawkins argues that the "memes" we develop, if based on firm knowledge, may yet permit us to go well beyond the selfish genes that have so strongly influenced our history to date.
1 THE FUTURE OF LIFE (Knopf, 2002) Harvard-based sociobiologist Edward O.
On the one hand, the very concept of the human race could become lose its consistency; this is the theory defended by the anthropologist, Jared Diamond; Diamond is a very distinctive sociobiologist, different from E.
Balance of outlook in this section could have been obtajned by contributions from a practicing molecular biologist and a sociobiologist.
As Bobbi Low, a sociobiologist, comments: "bras make our breasts look larger and/or young, girdles can imitate an ideal waist-hip ratio, shoulder pads mimic good physical condition, makeup reflects light and hides wrinkles, cheek and lip colour makes us look healthy and sexually interested.
The contemporary world, which sociobiologist Edward O.
In other words, like any other evolutionary biologist, the sociobiologist is interested in phylogenetic change, that change which can be observed in a species over long periods of time.
Simon Dona, the "I" of the narrative's first ten chapters, always within and on the margins of the text, is a sociobiologist and physical anthropologist whose work with Macaque monkeys (including the film The Twelfth Macaque) has proven that men are biologically polygamous and women are biologically monogamous.
As a budding sociobiologist, I too was inspired by Jensenism.
I said as much to a sociobiologist once and he agreed with my analysis.
As sociobiologist Richard Dawkins observes, "Much as we might wish to believe otherwise, universal love and the welfare of the species as a whole are concepts that simply do not make evolutionary sense.
Among the luminaries featured are sociobiologist Edward O.