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the branch of biology that conducts comparative studies of the social organization of animals (including human beings) with regard to its evolutionary history

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For another sociobiologically oriented essay by Saunders, see "Male.
Nonetheless, sociobiologically related understandings of race and nation remain linked to these new racisms.
From there, it is only a small step to the genetic engineering that will enable us to create the sociobiologically desirable work force of the future.
The other element of the poem that my essay (411) cites as racist is the dual claim that "racial differences include ~depth or subtlety, / noble simplicity, style or humor or brilliant / sensuality, sharpness or might of the mind,' and [that] all of these differences ~were chosen,' sociobiologically, by the races ([The New World] 77).
By this point, you probably are thinking of people who exemplify sociobiologically sound traits of lecherous males and the women who put up with them.