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However, studies have shown differences between animals raised by subjects of different educational levels and gender [11-13,23], highlighting the cultural role in lexical organization and the need to analyze sociobiological factors in cognitive-linguistic examination.
19) In Rebecca Goldstein's The Mind-Body Problem, hardly a book that extolls the virtues of Orthodoxy, the frustrated secular wife thinks of Eshes Hayil, quoted at length in the book, in sociobiological terms, but respects the tremendous sociobiological work Haredi women perform: "While liberated specimens among her goyish counterparts struggle against the myth of helplessness and the tradition of dependence, the Orthodox ayshes chayul (woman of worth) is traditionally the sole support of her (very large) family .
5) In contrast to the women's stratification system that rests on sociobiological development, the men's rests on leadership and power.
By considering Medea's actions and motivations as reflecting the sociobiological drives shared by humans as evolved animals, we offer an explanation for why this story has simultaneously so fascinated and disgusted us for so long: it is a story informed by the irreconcilability of conflicting biologically evolved behavior in relation to reproductive success and parental investment.
Tibetan Fraternal Polyandry: A Test of Sociobiological Theory.
Unfortunately, from Swinton's vantage point, there has been an almost universal tendency to approach dementia from a negative sociobiological starting position that focuses on behavior deficiencies rooted in internal biological changes.
Honesty in science: a partial test of a sociobiological model of the social structure of science.
Interestingly, Kanazawa (2012) defined liberalism in sociobiological terms, as genuine concern for the welfare of genetically unrelated others and the willingness to contribute larger proportions of private resources (e.
The first level of analysis involves integration of disciplinary expertise to provide a rich sociobiological characterization of risk environments.
From a sociobiological point of view, evolutionary and biological features affect culture, and culture evolves in order to sustain the survival of society.
Beginning with theoretical perspectives (evolutionary, sociobiological, mechanistic) on the attachment, they discuss the physiological and emotional benefits of pet companionship, and their implications for therapy.
The present study deals with the physical characteristics and sociobiological significance of different call types used by the Pied Bush Chat Saxicola caprata.
On the one hand, neopsychoanalytic, sociobiological, and cognitive theories claim that the youths' search for autonomy leads to decreased cohesion, more conflicts, and progressive balance in the relations of hierarchy with parents from early adolescence to intermediate adolescence (Goede et al.
Pinker offers a sociobiological explanation of this difference, attributing it to psychological differences that result from different reproductive dispositions.
1,2) To elucidate this apparent sociobiological paradox, various explanations have been offered: tradition, socioeconomic status, ignorance about offspring abnormalities, safeguarding of family members, protecting family wealth, enhanced altruism and hidden genetic benefits.