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The findings of this study showed that most of the participants belong to middle socio-economic class. Socioeconomic is most important factor for non-replacing missing teeth.
Socio-Demographic Characteristics of the Study Population Socio-Demographic Parameter Number Percentage Age 5-8 years 117 33.3% 9-11 years 117 33.3% 12-15 years 117 33.3% Sex Male 207 59% Female 144 41% Socio-Economic Class Class-I 25 7.1% Class-II 135 38.5% Class-III 96 27.4% Class-IV 92 26.1% Class-V 3 0.9% School Government 201 57.2% Private 150 42.8% Siblings 0-1 129 36.8% > 2 222 63.2% Table 2.
The prevalence rate of anxiety seems on the lowest level among children and adolescents belongs to upper socio-economic class supported by research of Deb Chatterjee and Walsh7 who attributed this least level of anxiety to their materialistic and financial secure future.
Vasomotor symptoms in menopause are more common in the high socio-economic class in our community.
If some marketers eschew the middle class, others that provide real value, thus giving consumers a sense of self worth, could very well retarget this socio-economic class as on opportunity for incremental sales.
This fell to just 27% membership in the lowest socio-economic class - defined as being in routine occupations.
Authors Payne and Slocumb, writing from their vast experience as teachers and school administrators with years spent studying the connections between socio-economic class and success in school, along with their own struggles with an impoverished upbringing, present this guide focusing on boys in poverty in all stages of development, and the interrelation between poverty and success or failure in school.
More of the children from the higher socio-economic class attended private schools, while more from the lower socio-economic class attended public schools (p=0.001).
Similarly, from Mumbai sero-positivity among children and adults from high socio-economic group was reported as 64.5 per cent, compared to 85.3 per cent in individuals from low socio-economic class, the difference was statistically significant (p<0.001) (15).
Both High School Musical and High School Musical 2 address issues of cliques and socio-economic class and encourage viewers to "work together" to create positive change.
The nutritional status of older persons assessed by the Body Mass Index (BMI) Nutritional BMI High socio-economic Class Status Males (%) Females (%) Acute -16 0 0 Moderate 16-16.99 0 0 Mild 17- 18.49 13.0 7.0 Normal 18.5-24.99 30.0 27.0 Overweight 25 57.0 67.0 Nutritional BMI Low socio-economic Class Status Males (%) Females (%) Acute <16 0 0 Moderate 16-16.99 0 7.0 Mild 17- 18.49 20 17.0 Normal 18.5-24.99 60.0 53.0 Overweight >25 20.0 23.0 Table 3.
Suburban hospitals argue that their patients are of high socio-economic class and very demanding.
It may also be useful to understand other leadership and follower interactions perhaps based not only on gender, but on other variables such as race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, and year in school.
Lacking this primary relationship, boys will, depending on their socio-economic class, either "gather together among themselves" and develop a reactive distortion of masculinity that exults violence, or turn into "wimpy, indecisive" young men.
"Secondary goals of this [demonstration] program include: identifying the medical and non-medical benefits and risks of reimbursement for such expenses to donating individuals and recipients alike; assessing the impact of the program on the number of living donors; and assessing the impact on access to living donation by recipients of lower socio-economic class."
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