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the act of meeting for social purposes

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Studies indicate that socializing piglets from different litters prior to weaning establishes a hierarchy more quickly than when piglets are socialized after weaning (D'Eath 2005; Hesselet al.
Specifically, they show that if firms receive "perfectly informative" or "perfectly noisy" signals about an applicant's productivity, then equilibrium wages are affected only by the students' socializing skills.
The number of social interaction can be resulted from the number of facilities in gathering rooms used by the aged when socializing.
To have a good day, people need to spend six hours per day socializing.
Our approach towards socializing involves an analysis of the culture, norms, values and beliefs of the people around us and can therefore be likened to conducting market research.
How do students use social networking Websites to enable peer socializing in an online LIS program?
Socializing is something dogs do with other dogs; it is not something that is done on or to a dog.
How College Students spend Their Time ACTIVITIES RELAXING & STUDYING & WORKING OUTSIDE OF SOCIALIZING PREPARING FOR CLASS FOR CLASS PAY 0 hours per week 43% 2% 25% 56% 1-5 hours per week 30% 33% 20% 6 6-10 hours per week 12% 29% 9% 11 or more per week 15% 35% 55% 29% SOURCE: INDIANA UNIVERSITY, BLOOMINGTON Note: Table made from pie chart.
As a result, the author misses an opportunity to examine how gender norms influenced the immigrant medical inspection process and its disciplining and socializing functions.
While important business will be discussed, NADC members and their suppliers also anticipate the networking and socializing opportunities, epitomized by the annual NADC Golf Tournament Saturday, March 27.
For younger ballet dancers, the Youth America Grand Prix provides a healthy atmosphere by allowing time for learning and socializing in addition to competing.
When it comes to wasting time on the job, socializing and disorganized work areas take a surprising back seat.
In socializing members into groups primarily concerned with specialized "realities" (e.
We all know residents who have foregone socializing at times when the burden of hygiene and dressing were too much of an effort.
In terms of use of their time, the groups were similar in most categories of activity (vocational, inactivity, personal care, TV, quiet recreation, socializing, and travel).