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a person who takes part in social activities

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That's why we built Socializer app and made it available to everyone for free.
The SINGapore Karaoke Booth in ATC was actually the first leg of the program's second wave, as well as the global activation of the new Socializer tribe.
The most obvious example of this would be that a socializer, whose primary goal is to make new friends and to communicate, may turn into a killer when their friend is harmed.
On the other hand, socializer users also want interaction and social communication, and teamwork motivates them (Tuunanen & Hamari, 2012).
* Use a whiteboard in your discussions (Socializers are quite visual)
The Socializer. Socializers try to befriend everyone they meet.
rolled into one, the consummate professional and bubbly socializer.
Chart 3 Personality Model Director Socializer Thinker Relater Wilson notes that the source is predominantly task oriented and indirect and, therefore, confident that the source is a thinker.
Nancy will be remembered by her family and many friends as an inveterate global traveler, a fantastic needle pointer, an avid socializer and bridge player and a caring and loving Wife, Mother and Grandmother.
He was a socializer, just as much at home in the local bars as in the church basement at Sunday potlucks.
Many of them "abdicate" their role as religious socializer, by sending their daughters to schools that are more conservative than they themselves are comfortable with.
The Platinum Rule divides behavioral preferences into four basic styles: director, socializer, relater and thinker.
The socializer believes achievement of workplace rewards can only be attained by developing deep personal connections with fellow co-workers or clients.
Keirsey calls the Guardian Parent the "Socializer." This parent focuses on teaching their kids to be responsible and respectful and to be good citizens.