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under group or government control


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The congresswoman said the bill's provisions would 'ensure that socialized housing sites and resettlement areas have livable homes that have basic provisions such as water and power,' and 'prioritize on-site and in-city resettlement and ensure livelihood for displaced beneficiaries.
This is because of the corresponding changes in standards that accompanied adjustment in the price ceiling for socialized housing.
Authored by Councilors Alexis Herrera, Marivic Co-Pilar, and Franz Pumaren, Resolution SP 7718-2019 aims to address the concerns of informal settler families (ISFs) who cannot afford the socialized housing projects of the city government.
The NHA, in coordination with the Land Management Bureau (LMB), shall use these inventories as references to identify the lands owned by the national government that are suitable for socialized housing.
Chris Hopson, speaking for the National Health Service (NHS), naturally blamed underfunding of the socialized healthcare system.
Studies indicate that socializing piglets from different litters prior to weaning establishes a hierarchy more quickly than when piglets are socialized after weaning (D'Eath 2005; Hesselet al.
These dogs do get socialized. They live with an adoptive family prior to starting training.
The greatest nightmare of socialized medicine and, indeed, the sin of it, can be found in its evil underside--medical rationing.
"When you hear Democrats in particular talk about single-mandated health care, universal health care," Giuliani said recently, "what they're talking about is socialized medicine." The Cold War may be over, but socialism, led by lab-coated legions of government-paid automatons armed with hypodermic needles, is on the march again.
I am greatly disturbed by the fact that every candidate aspiring to the presidency this year has come out for some form of government paid-for (socialized) medicine--admittedly on a limited basis at this time--but how long will it stay limited?
Employer-provided health care was born in the 1930s after Franklin Roosevelt decided not to try for universal socialized medicine.
In hindsight, as we socialized our capabilities with our stakeholders, we should have made a more focused effort to socialize the means by which we provided our capability: the RDC.
EducationWorks (EW) contracted with Research for Action (RFA) to research and evaluate its socialized recess (SR) program conducted by Education-Works/National School and Community Corps (NSCC) teams which are based full-time in individual public schools.