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under group or government control


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The particular concern is the lack of urban land for 'on-site' socialized housing projects; the LGUs also lack a budget for land acquisition and construction.
The approved House Bill 159 or An Act Strengthening the Right Of Government To Expropriate Lands For Socialized Housing is principally authored by Rep.
Studies indicate that socializing piglets from different litters prior to weaning establishes a hierarchy more quickly than when piglets are socialized after weaning (D'Eath 2005; Hesselet al.
Benitez joined the call for government to further strengthen the socialized housing program by encouraging private sector participation.
The greatest nightmare of socialized medicine and, indeed, the sin of it, can be found in its evil underside--medical rationing.
When you hear Democrats in particular talk about single-mandated health care, universal health care," Giuliani said recently, "what they're talking about is socialized medicine.
If the government provided health care, that would be socialized medicine.
A puppy that meets many different people--but spends most of his time shying away from them or barking at them--is not becoming well socialized.
EducationWorks (EW) contracted with Research for Action (RFA) to research and evaluate its socialized recess (SR) program conducted by Education-Works/National School and Community Corps (NSCC) teams which are based full-time in individual public schools.
Additionally, some authors have reported that the African American females of low SES homes are more likely to be socialized to see themselves in ways that contribute to academic success than are males of low SES homes.
After a concise discussion of the importance of immigrants to early modern America's developing industrial economy, Fairchild describes how the need for a large and docile workforce helped create an immigrant medical inspection process that disciplined and socialized newcomers in preparation for the factory floor.
In such a heritage, men are socialized into "emotional illiteracy" and are given only anger as an acceptable way of expressing emotion.
It is similar to ours in that they have safety nets for the poor, socialized insurance for the middle class, and the rich trade up.
According to Henderson, living in a gendered world often means being socialized into stereotypical sex roles.