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advocating or following the socialist principles


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The Socialistic bourgeois want all the advantages of modern social conditions without the struggles and dangers necessarily resulting therefrom.
What his emphasis on job creation, among others, shows is a welcome change of focus from his mother's socialistic approach (which she appears to have learnt from former Indian prime minister and her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi) to an encouragement of free enterprise, which will boost growth, which was a dirty word for the NAC's Aruna Roy who lamented Manmohan's preoccupation with economic development rather than with welfare measures.
In his statement, Miller suggested the park was "implying that one should look upon [the removed flags] with shame and dismay," and appeasing a "band of socialistic fear mongers.
The socialistic approach adopted by the government and the various laws and acts implemented such as the agricultural reform laws, the free educational system and the guaranteed employment system in the public sector helped this class to grow more and more.
His statement that we were fleeing fascism is wrong, as we were fleeing the Soviets' socialistic communism as well, together with the fascism that started the Second World War invading Poland (Ribentrop-Molotov agreement).
So, those who think offensive speech is somehow NOT free speech do NOT understand the First Amendment, let alone its significant importance in a democratic, as opposed to a socialistic, society.
A few even owned cars courtesy of the British Leyland works discount scheme, The only problem was the constant industrial disputes led by a socialistic agenda to both bring down the government of the day and the management of the company.
There was not a scrap of comprehension about where tax money comes from or the economic consequences of using it in a socialistic fashion as she seemed to propose.
The plane has been named in honour of Alexander Vitkovsky, a prominent Aeroflot pilot, hero of Socialistic Labour.
But the Democratic belief system is socialistic, not capitalistic.
In my opinion, the church has become too socialistic in its stance.
Will they unseat elected officials at the ballot box and push for more socialistic policies?
Where James Jr spends most of his life in bars and brothels, socialistic Edmund uses the bottle as an excuse to combat the onset of his tuberculosis.
He follows a strong socialistic line and emulates Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, who he describes as "my hero".
As an established symbol of the socialistic labour movement the flag's drapery encloses the body of the female standard bearer and touches the national coat of arms of the GDR: hammer and sickle.