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an economic system based on state ownership of capital

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In a socialist economy such as Cuba's, monetary overhang (or excess liquidity) is caused when households and enterprises are unable to increase their monetary holdings, a phenomenon primarily driven by the excess supply of money caused by recurrent budget deficits (Rautava 1993).
It remains to be seen whether the powerful Cuban state is prepared to allow these businesses to expand and partner with state entities, creating a hybrid market socialist economy that can accelerate growth;
Most of these SOEs were nationalised in 1974 by the then Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Butto as his plan to turn Pakistan into a socialist economy.
The mobile phone service in Algeria is very bad and all means of modern communication are from the stone age, because the Soviet model of a socialist economy exhausted Algeria's own economy.
Certainly, the Polish experience of nation building had its challenges of invasions, survival and rising independence ever since its existence back in the 10th century; but for those of us who share the passion of trying to understand the triggers behind successful stories of reform and development, I believe that the recent 23-year-old Polish experience of transforming itself from being a country controlled by a socialist economy to becoming one that is democratic, market-oriented and robust -- is an experience worthy of mention.
As part of Cuban leader Raul Castro s program to modernize the country s socialist economy, bank loans have become available to individuals since December.
In fact, with one eye on the 2014 general elections, Karat has even gone to the extent of saying that his party may consider support for Congress after the next Lok Sabha (parliamentary) polls, provided Rahul Gandhi makes his socialist commitments known in as many words and the Congress embraces a socialist economy.
Even those sympathetic to Allende's regime admit that Chile's socialist economy was a crashing disaster; those who deplore Pinochet's rule must concede that the substantially capitalist economy is working, and working well.
His two Socialist Economy and Energy Ministers, Rumen Ovcharov and Petar Dimitrov failed to sign the contract.
This economic empire situates Egypt in neither a socialist economy nor a neo-liberal one: It is an "ambivalent market.
More likely, he predicted, home sales will create new wealth in Cuba as the socialist economy evolves.
It examines the cultural foundations that have made India's transformation from socialist economy to capitalist powerhouse possible and it conveys through anecdote and tale, the continuing poverty, corruption, class and caste divisions.
This new version adds a fifth, the retreat of a socialist economy and re-emergence and spread of a market economy (late 1980s to mid-2000s).
Kim's latest visit to China will hardly accomplish successful results if he wants to gain China's support for the power succession and the country's socialist economy.
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