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Synonyms for socialist

Synonyms for socialist

advocating or following the socialist principles


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The Socialist party was a really democratic political organization--it was controlled absolutely by its own membership, and had no bosses.
It would not do, Ostrinski explained, for the proletariat of one nation to achieve the victory, for that nation would be crushed by the military power of the others; and so the Socialist movement was a world movement, an organization of all mankind to establish liberty and fraternity.
When Jurgis had made himself familiar with the Socialist literature, as he would very quickly, he would get glimpses of the Beef Trust from all sorts of aspects, and he would find it everywhere the same; it was the incarnation of blind and insensate Greed.
The French Socialist and Communist literature was thus completely emasculated.
By this, the long wished-for opportunity was offered to "True" Socialism of confronting the political movement with the Socialist demands, of hurling the traditional anathemas against liberalism, against representative government, against bourgeois competition, bourgeois freedom of the press, bourgeois legislation, bourgeois liberty and equality, and of preaching to the masses that they had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by this bourgeois movement.
With very few exceptions, all the so-called Socialist and Communist publications that now (1847) circulate in Germany belong to the domain of this foul and enervating literature.
And you call me a socialist because I deny equality, because I affirm just what you live up to.
Yes, I have been to half a dozen of their meetings, but that doesn't make me a socialist any more than hearing Charley Hapgood orate made me a Republican.
You hate and fear the socialists," he remarked to Mr.
He was self-educated, had taught himself German and French, and at that time was earning a meagre living by translating scientific and philosophical works for a struggling socialist publishing house in Chicago.
Candidate for Governor of California on the Socialist ticket in the fall election of 1906 Christian Era.
Neither, I assure you, does a Socialist mean a man who desires a social evening with the chimney-sweep.
Letting a top hat sit on you, for instance," said the Socialist.
But no reader of "An Unsocial Socialist " needs to be told how, by the exercise of a certain considerate tact (which on the outside, perhaps, seems the opposite of tact), I have contrived to maintain genial terms with men and women of all classes, even those whose opinions and political conduct seemed to me most dangerous.
The Socialist party in Berlin are strong and increasing.