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Synonyms for socialiser

a person who takes part in social activities

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I loved training," explains Francome, "but I'm not a socialiser and I couldn't say to an owner, 'Give me three hundred grand to spend on a horse', when the chances of it giving a return are next to nothing.
A very similar model by Tony Alessandra uses the styles of Thinker, Director, Socialiser and Relater.
Merchant, a single man and devout Anglophile, was a socialiser of grace, whose curry parties were a Who's Who of beautiful people and led to his book on Indian cuisine
D'abord, un party, question de socialiser avec tousles [acute{e}]tudiants de la facult[acute{e}] de g[acute{e}]nie en particulier.
La mission de l'ecole est d'aider l'enfant a se socialiser, a vivre ensemble avec des valeurs civilisationnels et pratiquer sa citoyennete.
He's not much of a socialiser is our Marley - he'd rather be at home playing with his joystick.
Les femmes aux positions de responsabilite constituent en soit un element tres important pour socialiser les generations montantes et sont susceptibles de constituer des modeles pour les petites filles.
I'm not a golfer, I'm not a socialiser, I enjoy coaching and while I enjoy coaching I'll keep doing it.
I'm not a great socialiser at any time and I prefer the company of one or two people rather than a roomful of people chatting away with glasses in their hands.
My house is always full because I am an avid socialiser and I like to cook so the kitchen is usually the place where we congregate.
He was a great socialiser, he would be the first to arrive at the kennels here on a Sunday and was always the last to leave.
On entering a boarding school in Oxford at the age of 12,Joan found herself an able pupil but a poor socialiser.
Despite his past fondness for the high life and glamour of the tour, Philippoussis has never been a good socialiser with his fellow professionals.
It's made me think - if Ellie does go away to university, I'd definitely volunteer to be a puppy socialiser to help someone else have the same chance we've had.