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someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged)

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org petition with more than 8,000 signatures from social workers and human rights defenders worldwide.
With social worker vacancy rates at their highest nationally in four years, this programme is crucial to increasing the number of social workers in the sector.
As corporations adapt to these new developments, I believe they will actively seek out professional social workers, much as the health care system has done.
The winners from each category will compete against each other to be named the "Overall Social Worker of the Year 2015.
Having absolute clarity about what a social worker needs to know and be able to do and testing that knowledge and skill against a national standard is a critical part of this ambition.
The social worker who told me he couldn't find anything wrong was promoted.
MORE than one in 10 social workers employed to help vulnerable young people and their families in Wirral are on temporary contracts.
This was not a fair comparison, Perry reasoned, because it is conceivable that if the non-social workers had been eligible for and received the Title IV-E training, their outcomes might have been as good as the social worker outcomes.
State laws require social workers and other professionals to receive CE to stay abreast of new developments and maintain a high standard of care.
Therefore to achieve the set goal, China has to nurture an average of 75,000 social workers annually from 2012-2015, and 190,000 annually during 2016-2020, which is far beyond the current capabilities of higher-learning institutes giving social work degrees.
Although the author argues that these models can help social workers gain insight into the sources of the pressure they face, and inform the development of interventions to enhance work-related wellbeing, how this may be accomplished is not adequately explored.
Principal of Rajan Primary School, Su'ad Kareem, who used to work as a social worker, considers the efforts of social workers necessary.
Leaked minutes - pages 4&5) THE leaked minutes of meetings between social workers in Cardiff paint a worrying picture of the stresses facing one of the city's most important services.
Information obtained by the Sunday Business Post shows the top-earning private social worker, based in the East of the country, earned EUR311,000 last year.
Social workers, case managers, doctors, nurses and medical teams have participated in a first-of-its-kind "Social Worker Week" featuring workshops, lectures and presentations.
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