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Representative and replicable survey sampling, for example, is very difficult in places with poorly documented populations, vague political or jurisdiction boundaries, and variously defined social units, such as the meaning of "family.
In their ideal form, litongo were clan-based, although in practice they seemed to incorporate increasingly diverse memberships and social units.
United Nations officials were using this year's International Family Day to highlight the vital role these critical social units, found in every society, play in achieving globally agreed upon development goals and in advancing towards a better world for all.
8220;Certainly investing in infrastructure helps and is important to a city's stability, but I think,” explains Traore “that there needs to be some thought on the most primal of social units - the family - the Food Bank of South Jersey is showing that what happens at home is bigger and ultimately better than all of that.
This finding confirms previous research that suggests social units, such as school or community, may exert more influence on youth behavior than parents in high school.
The Dutch also changed the social units of Palembang's inhabitants by eliminating guguk (groups of people living and connected to each other, sometimes by kinship, in a particular area presented by the Sultan for their loyalty) and replacing it with the kampung unit as on Java.
Completion the finishing works, development & maintenance of several administrational buildings, health care units & social units within Ismailya, Gharbiya & Damietta Governorates.
High-energy technologies put so much power in fewer and fewer hands, said Cottrell, "that small social units operating alone are often ruthlessly and unheedingly swept aside if their ends are antithetic to the purposes of those who control the power.
This can range from small scale social units based on kinship, clan and village to broader regional, political and religious affiliations.
Both zones introduce visitors to different aspects of the exciting potential offered by tomorrow's "smart communities" - social units that integrate a broad palette of optimized systems, including those for achieving a stable balance between power generation and supply, those for transportation management and those for enhancing lifestyles.
Wild-Wood's approach, however, does not assume that a denomination is a single closed unit but is rather an alliance of different social units that can be identified by ethnicities, gender, and generation and so on; units that can be further deconstructed.
While noting that a related argument is that the concept of child rights is opposed to family and social units, she pointed out that the Children's Act 2008 gave parents centre-stage in their children's development.
In the end, in order to apply what we have discussed, we will try to sketch the way in which these three types of social units work in border regions.
Adler thought that you'd start to learn your style by interacting in the social units that you find yourself with, and the very first one is the family unit.
There are companies, school boards, families and other collective social units that still decree gayness to be a blight on humanity.