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United Nations officials were using this year's International Family Day to highlight the vital role these critical social units, found in every society, play in achieving globally agreed upon development goals and in advancing towards a better world for all.
Interestingly, all this was reflected in the governance system of that social unit.
As a social unit, neighborhood comes from the ecological perspectives in the United States, which considers neighborhood as a product of the processes of natural selection and competition [11].
As for the clans that live on the borders between Syria and Iraq, they form a single social unit, which has in the past had a major role to play in the wars that have taken place in Mesopotamia, and now represents an essential part of the war on Syria's soil.
He also highlighted the importance of "family" as a social unit.
Intolerant as a cultural and social unit we might already be, yet the sheer inanity at work beneath the newsprint and the comments hints at a wider damage of a mass psyche subservient to commercial products.
Japan is also a fiercely traditional country, where there is strong emphasis on the group, not standing out or doing anything that will bring dishonour to the family or other social unit.
The common thread, then, that ties it all close--indeed, the common thread that unites all of Hoang's varied books--is that of family, and to what extent that social unit both defines and defies us.
Nujeify said that the main government failure existed in the housing crisis and the shortage of services, bad administration, the spread of financial and administrative corruption in all State institutions, along with tightening on the freedoms and the current divisions in the social unit, along with the bad treatment of detainees, who were not sentenced yet.
Starting from the classical Tonniesian distinction established between the Gemeinschaft (community) and Gesellschaft (society), in this article we will try to note and describe the existence of a third kind of social unit, which, as a difference from the first two, becomes for us, on one hand the most advanced of society forms, and on the other hand the only one truly and entirely humanlike.
The league, named after the late founder of North Korea, is a major social unit that mobilizes young North Koreans, including teenagers, and publishes a propaganda newspaper for them.
Wayne Floyd Clarke, aged 39, from Hockley was another example of how the team's speedy work and contact with the Birmingham Anti Social Unit had cracked down on anti-social behaviour.
Gradually since 2004, the SIIC has moved its Badr militia to the state's security system and turned "the Badr Organisation" into a social unit of the party.
Designed to support an optimal 10- to 11-resident social unit as well optimal staffing patterns, this county-owned residence creates private rooms for 168 skilled care residents.
The social unit has changed--the Protestant Reformation configuration of the nuclear family is not dominant now We've gone from hierarchy to globalized networking, from the growth of the middle class to the diminishment of the middle class.
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