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Therefore, the actual social dimensions on which students form their social structure may have varied from classroom to classroom.
On the contrary, as a result of this uneven economic development, which is narrowly measured in terms of economic growth and capital formation, the fruits of development have gone to the people according to their economic power and position in the social structure: those occupying higher positions benefiting much more than those occupying the lower ones.
Subject of the concession final design for the construction of 48 housing fee sustainable, as well as final and detailed design of a collective social structure, in Via Galileo Galilei in the Municipality of Lump Nevano of works, and safety coordination, management and maintenance and given in favor of the Licensee the right to the soil surface of municipal property on which these works will arise under paragraph 5 of article.
The high relatedness of naked mole rats makes the animals' extreme social structure seem less bizarre, says Bennett.
While all sorts of issues might organize such a discussion, including reviving some earlier debates about the role of narrative and modes of presentation in the field or the question of appropriate periodization, four topics commanded greatest attention: the question of social history and choice of geographic units of study; the ongoing analysis of power and the relationship between social history and politics; revived concerns about social structure and inequality; and the relationship between social history and teaching/reaching wider publics.
Additionally, the author discusses the role of the tribal and clan ties or social structure generally in the electoral process.
In 'Beyond Thirty,' Burroughs speculated that the isolationist movement in the US was powerful enough to keep the US out of WW II and that the developing war would destroy the social structure of the continent for hundreds of years.
The "simple gift" is a generous one, from Old Bill to Billy, but it also represents a metaphor for life in this poignant examination of family, social structure and the invisible face of homelessness.
Tribal consciousness and social structure differ "enormously from that of the contemporary western world": Concepts of family, community, gender roles, power, and bonding and belonging "distinctly understood in a tribal matrix ...
Therefore, studies that correlate a healthful life with religion take for granted the social structure that religion provides, as if to claim that religious affiliation is the only way one can enjoy this social structure or that specific religious beliefs are necessary for a sound mind and body.
Its extremely broad definition of terrorism begins with the stipulation that a terrorist's crime must have "the aim of intimidating [the people] and seriously altering or destroying the political, economic, or social structure" of a country.
The clan is the basis of the Somali social structure. There has been great hostility between them, with shifting alliances.
Catching sense, Guthrie tells us, survives not merely as some sentimental link with past tradition, but as the basis of social structure and meaning in the present.
But if the social structure is falling apart in the process, the economy eventually will flounder anyway.
And when people leave the region, the social structure that supports this population will be under-utilized."