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security coordination in the design phase, construction work, to be carried turnkey, complete with everything necessary to ensure the allocation of housing and custody of collective social structure in the manner required by the Concession Agreement by approve a subsequent act;
The government needs to look forward, think long-term, and take time to build the social structures that will support a true constitutional democracy," Williams said.
Paul challenged the existing social order by confronting the existing hierarchical social structure amongst church members (and leadership).
Usually they occur for some common benefit, like a transfer of knowledge, power, economies of scale, access to new markets, legal conformance, and/or institutional legitimacy in order to understand the social structure of the competitive arena (Perez & Kedia, 2002).
Arches (1997) stated that a public issue exists if the social structure of the workplace is negatively affecting individuals who are employed there.
Agrarian reform is a sure way to transform Latin America's unjust social structure and offer millions of landless peasants access to markets and a place in the new global economic order.
In this sense, they argue that the sociology of science is concerned with the social structure of science in order to define the nature of scientific ideas and describe their relations both to other kinds of ideas, such as philosophical, theological and aesthetic, and to various institutional and personality factors.
Users now can become a virtual gorilla and actually experience the species' social structure through interaction while other students view the exchange on a screen.
The author proposes three aspects of gendered social structure that are irreducible to one another: a sexual division of labor, normative heterosexuality, and hierarchies of power.
Through the novel's plot structure she "offers a devastating critique of [antebellum] social structure," and she "acquits [her] Nat Turner of [being] a cold-blooded murderer of innocents.
The first is the growing knowledge and capital asset disparities within the social structure of the United States, even as the economy has entered into its longest period of expansion in history.
The article on Baptists includes nine subheadings: Name and History, Numbers, Doctrine, Church and State, Mission and Evangelism, Catechumenate, Church Life and Worship, Ecumenical Relations, and Social Structure.
It can express a desire to protect that which is of great value, whether in the social structure or the natural environment, against the machinations of pecuniary gain.
However, it is certainly helpful in society and social structure.
For the past two years, scientists, environmentalists and animal rights activists have been collaboratively working toward a common goal: recognizing the legal rights of the great apes, whose genetic makeup and social structure are unarguably like our own.