social stratification

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the condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group

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Specifically, our aim was to address two questions in a large nationally representative sample in China: (a) Does social stratification based on occupational status lead to happiness stratification in China?
However, when the components of cultural complexity were disaggregated, it was discovered that social stratification, which is part of cultural complexity, has a negative effect on institutions.
They cover history, dynamics of social stratification and class formation, welfare indexes, the ruling class, middle classes, and working classes.
When referring to inequality, most authors bring into question other related concepts (most frequently social stratification or social classes).
Some also recognize social stratification as a major social institution (Martin, 2004).
Faust concludes that social stratification is clearly shown and that the larger the settlement the greater the evidence of wealthy households.
The caste system in India is a system of social stratification, which is now also used as a basis for affirmative action.
Approaching empowerment this way leads to "empty programs that fail to achieve their goals" and complacency with social stratification.
Instead of solving the problem, such approaches have ended up creating social stratification due to different education systems.
Reaching for the Promised Land: The Role of Culture, Issues of Leadership, and Social Stratification within British Caribbean Christianity.
NZNO's submission said the proposal risked greater inequity and social stratification and undermined the principle of equality.
Social Class, Social Stratification, Ken'ichi TOMINAGA,
In three archaeology-history chapters, the authors' approach to class consciousness is isomorphic with the history of state formation and social stratification.
Bulgaria is witnessing an abominable social stratification and abominable injustices," Socialist party spokesman Angel Naydenov told Darik radio.
High social stratification benefits the personal wealth, power and status of national elites, and is further sustained by their allies.