social stratification

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the condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group

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When referring to inequality, most authors bring into question other related concepts (most frequently social stratification or social classes).
Faust concludes that social stratification is clearly shown and that the larger the settlement the greater the evidence of wealthy households.
Reaching for the Promised Land: The Role of Culture, Issues of Leadership, and Social Stratification within British Caribbean Christianity.
NZNO's submission said the proposal risked greater inequity and social stratification and undermined the principle of equality.
The populist political ideas that we embraced all urged us to shun the manifestations of social stratification, "ostentatiousness," and the mixing with "foreigners.
In three archaeology-history chapters, the authors' approach to class consciousness is isomorphic with the history of state formation and social stratification.
Bulgaria is witnessing an abominable social stratification and abominable injustices," Socialist party spokesman Angel Naydenov told Darik radio.
Social stratification and social migration theories can explain the occurrence of Phoenix Guy phenomenon.
High social stratification benefits the personal wealth, power and status of national elites, and is further sustained by their allies.
Social Capital Effects on Academic Achievement," is published online in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.
This book draws from a wide array of social science and clinical disciplines to accomplish three goals: first, to characterize the social niche that safety-net health care systems play in the broader society; second, to explain how social stratification impacts clinical decision making; and third, to systematically characterize key segments of safety-net patient populations and circumstances related to poverty and marginalization in terms of distribution, causal factors, clinical manifestations and behaviors that affect patients' responses to health care.
Stephanie, who aims to continue her studies with a PhD at Teesside University, looking at social stratification, said: "The project has been brilliant, it's helped me to develop my research skills and confidence while gaining a broad range of experience, from presenting to directors to hearing members of a pensioners' group discuss their memories of growing up.
Krusell stated that a total of 60,000 persons who are having serious difficulties in returning to the labor market could enhance problems in a number of areas and increase social stratification.
Social stratification and why it exists has become one of the most widely researched areas in recent years.
This system of social stratification is a feudal tradition that has persisted in India despite centuries of modernization.