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position in a social hierarchy

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Women will be able to inquire about their social status and details of documents through the ministry's e-portal Najiz by visiting
First, the participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire that revealed how paranoid they were in real life and what thoughts they had about their own social status and political affiliation in terms of liberal-conservative.
In her introduction, Garroway sets out several goals, including building a database of relevant texts and mortuary data for future studies of ancient Near Eastern children and analyzing the relationship between children's social status and household membership (p.
'Feasts of Merit,' which recently opened and will run for a year, analyzes the relationship between social status, wealth and feasting in various ethnolinguistic groups in the Cordillera.
"If a man, who is the stronger, tramples on a woman, who is weaker, by force or social status, he should face stern punishment regardless of what type of violence it is, what their relationship is, and what social status the offender holds," he said.
The delegation comprising of Chairperson Khawar Mumtaz, Secretary Samina A Hasan and Director, Programmes Suleman Shah discussed women's social status and violence against women, bill on transgender persons, a press release said.
In this novel about belonging and ever-shifting social status, Diksha Basu's words are filled with warmth and humor.
Springfield, MO, June 14, 2017 --( Social Status Marketing, a Springfield-based digital marketing company, announced today that it had purchased the area's Metro Woman Magazine, and plans to offer advertisers added value with social, web, and digital advertising support and expand its physical reach to Branson.
Among their topics are food production modes in neolithic Anatolia and the neolithization of the Balkans, buildings and burning: the construction and combustion of Chalcolithic dwellings in the lower Danube and eastern Carpathian areas from the perspective of experimental archaeology, Tartaria tablets: the latest evidence in an archaeological thriller, towards the theory of social status: a cross-disciplinary approach to cultural parameters of secure social status in prehistory, and the Bronze and Early Iron Age settlements in Romanian Dobroudja.
A new study manipulating the pecking order of monkeys finds that low social status kicks the immune system into high gear, leading to unwanted inflammation akin to that in people with chronic diseases.
Abstract: In this paper we propose a conceptualization of 'posthumous social status' as a performative reality accomplished through collective actions that are materially and symbolically legitimated.
The current study extends research on social status and well-being among young people by examining whether subjective social status (SSS) is related to life satisfaction and happiness.
We all crave some sort of control in day-to-day life, regardless of profession or social status.
* BANGLADESH: Shiseido's efforts in Bangladesh to improve social status and lifestyle of rural women through the use of skin care products has been recognized as Business Call to Action (BCtA) led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).