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position in a social hierarchy

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The project, whose main goal is to increase the social status of teachers, is really meaningful and relevant.
The study showed a definitive link between male social status and the competition for sperm to the quality of their sperm, or how fast it could swim.
Hazir Ullah, Chairman department of sociology, International Islamic University was the key-note speaker who made a thorough review and comparative study of the social status and position of the women in the country.
Former owner and longtime publisher, Audrey Hartman will remain a valued consultant for the resource guide, while Angela Frizell, owner of Social Status Marketing, will assume the role of Publisher.
Among their topics are food production modes in neolithic Anatolia and the neolithization of the Balkans, buildings and burning: the construction and combustion of Chalcolithic dwellings in the lower Danube and eastern Carpathian areas from the perspective of experimental archaeology, Tartaria tablets: the latest evidence in an archaeological thriller, towards the theory of social status: a cross-disciplinary approach to cultural parameters of secure social status in prehistory, and the Bronze and Early Iron Age settlements in Romanian Dobroudja.
We question the classical definitions of social status that lead to oversocialized theoretical models, and we argue for the necessity to reconsider the relation between social status and social roles in order to gain insight into the reality of a social presence after death.
The current study extends research on social status and well-being among young people by examining whether subjective social status (SSS) is related to life satisfaction and happiness.
We hypothesized that hens would prefer the partitioned nest as it provides more enclosure, and that social status would affect nest choice.
Mais added, "I do not live in a love affair currently, and I prefer to marry a man of high social stature, for I believe that there must be agreement in social status between couple for a marriage to resume.
So, Clark suggests, if we really want to measure social mobility, we should look at the social status of families over many generations.
Summary: Journalist May Chidiac Monday lauded the role played by women in the regional uprisings of recent years, but said much needed to be done to elevate their social status.
The opening verses speak about social status and personal importance.
From research from her doctoral dissertation (UC Berkeley, 2005) on the legal and social status of freed slaves in classical Athens as well as an interest in contemporary inequalities, Kamen (classics, U.
The clothes could determine the social status of Kyrgyz people - age, financial positions, social status.
Information State Minister praised the constructive cooperation between the Information Affairs Authority (I) and the SCW on raising awareness of Bahraini women's constitutional and legal rights to highlight their achievements and prestigious social status to go along with HM the King's reform project.