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position in a social hierarchy

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The book is divided thematically by identity, gender, social station, race and nationality, and religion.
To this end, it turns out that "Moeurs de Province" is much more than a Balzacien allusion to the local color of rural life, or an attempt to highlight the juxtaposition between Emma's desire to be a "grande dame" and her social station as wife of a poor country doctor.
The volume is arranged thematically and addresses such topics as sex and gender, social station and class, foreigners, religious affiliation, and political persuasion.
There will also be more theoretical assignments during Sofia Architecture Week such as how to design the perfect children's play-ground and social station.
Nick praises himself for honesty after writing the woman others believe him engaged to, because of his affair with Jordan Baker (63), but he doesn't bother writing her two pages earlier while he's conducting a relationship with a girl from the accounting division of his bank, incongruously named Probity Trust; the reason is obvious: the girl from accounting is clearly not from his social station and thus not marriageable, as Jordan is, and thus the putative fiancee need not be bothered by a mere summer romance while Nick takes his pleasure with the girl from New Jersey.
There are also rumours that with their new social station, they will now want to upgrade their home and have looked at Bolehyde Manor near Chippenham in Wiltshire - the 14th-century home of Earl and Countess Cairns.
Unfortunately the steamboat Sally May has a disastrous boiler explosion and all the passengers must struggle for survival together, regardless of social station, race, or class.
Nothing in the history of the "advanced capitalist" political economies of the North and the West has given us cause to alter Marx's views on the revolutionary capacities of layers of the lowly who have been driven to the very bottom of capital's hierarchies of social station.
It is accurate to say that grading guests according to social station was not inconsistent but simply meant that guests were shown the honor due to them (103).
Though Wind of the Willows is set in a quasi turn-of-the-century motif, with subtle issues of class and social station, The Wind in the Willows has a timeless grace that makes it a joy to read for adults and children alike.
Kate's aunt has every intention of setting up her niece in a comfortable, socially acceptable marriage, but when our heroine falls for Merton Densher (Linus Roache), a poor journalist far below her social station, it causes major domestic fireworks.
Cleanliness and uncleanliness, as themes, the book argues, ran through discussions and meditations on godliness and sin, on gender, on family life, on morality and manners, on social station, on public health and city planning, and, often acutely, on language.
Safley argues throughout that the governors of Augsburg's orphanages pursued the goal of social integration based on the capacity and will of each citizen to maintain a respectable sufficiency in his or her social station, a concept expressed in the German term Nahrung.
The ideal reader, regardless of social station, was encouraged to resist political infighting and was inspired to contribute to the creation of a more agreeable civic environment.
The problem facing Marchdale is that she is wealth and far above him in social station.