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a personal secretary who handles your social correspondence and appointments

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Ruby Tuason, former social secretary of former President and current Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada, arrived from the United States early Friday morning to tell authorities about her knowledge on the P10-billion PDAP or pork barrel scam.
The SCS social secretary is Sarah Gladstone (schillke).
His Les Mis co-star Samantha Barks reveals that Russ has kept in touch with everyone since the movie wrapped and has crowned himself social secretary.
Social secretary Jackie Southworth said: "The distance around the island without going into the bays is 80 miles and we hope to complete the challenge in just over 12 hours.
COLIN JOHNSON, social secretary, Unite Association of Retired Members North East.
On the small screen, he played David Blunkett in A Very Social Secretary to great acclaim.
A native Texan who is a veteran advocate of equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans was named White House Social Secretary today by President Obama.
Seated are social secretary Trevor Rust and Graham Fordy, regional sales manager of Newcastle Breweries, who was president for the evening.
Contact social secretary Liam Long on 07985 722295 for details.
Social Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President, where she will be
David Rushforth, the association's social secretary, said: "The outift is only suggested and those taking part don't need to buy it.
Rashid Mohammed Al Amin, social secretary of Sudanese Club, said the Sudanese government should make aviation safety a top priority and take immediate measures to put an end to frequent air accidents involving old planes of the country.
Desiree Rogers has been named by President-elect Barack Obama as special assistant to the president and White House social secretary, according to the Office of the President-elect.
By chance, she secures a coveted position as social secretary to flighty actress Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams), whose whirl of romantic dalliances includes three potential suitors: nightclub impresario Nick (Mark Strong), pretty-boy Phil (Tom Payne), and penniless pianist Michael (Lee Pace).
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