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a computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer network (especially from the internet)

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A few social search engines depend only on online communities.
Tris is a social search engine "Near Me" searches for users around any given location, and allows for chatting to others in that area in any location.
Google even abandoned its own social search engine last summer.
A sampling of topics: pedagogical responses to social software in universities, DemonD--a social search engine built upon the actor-network theory, learning "self" and emotional knowledge in social and cultural human-agent interactions, personal digital libraries, emerging online cultures and visual campaigns for local Kenyan health needs, security and privacy in social networks, and increasing capital revenue in social networking communities, among many others.
A new social search engine called Searchwiki has been launched, the company announced on Friday.
They range from Wikipedia, the founder of which recently took the wraps off Wikia, a search service slated to launch toward the end of this year that combines computer-driven algorithms and human-assisted editing, to nimble newcomers like NosyJoe, a private beta social search engine that relies on people to "sniff the web for interesting content.
Damon Horowitz, one of the Aardvark founders, and Sepandar Kamvar, Aardvark investor and Stanford University consulting professor of computational math, released a paper this year called "The Anatomy of a LargeScale Social Search Engine," which generated buzz in tech circles.
OneRiot, a social search engine that "finds the pulse of the web," recently announced its official launch.
Scoofers is a new social search engine that launched in the U.
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