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Instead, we're taking social science to cafes and parks, streets and schools, supermarkets, workplaces and town halls.
The conference will be organized on the sidelines of first ever largest Social Sciences Expo of Asia on 24th - 25th of February 2016.
All of us in the AMS community are benefitting from the greater engagement we are seeing with those in the social sciences, and I know that WCAS will play an ever-growing role in that increasing engagement.
Editors and others who make news decisions have, for decades, privileged stories about social science research.
Bibilometric literature comprises a good number of studies on social science research in South Asia.
This book presents an interesting common thread among social science fields.
Social Science Research Design and Statistics integrates social science research methods and the descriptions of 46 univariate, bivariate, and multivariate tests to include a description of the purpose, assumptions, example research question and hypothesis, SPSS procedure, and interpretation of SPSS output for each test.
The organization has a national membership and is responsible for publishing the Journal of Rural Social Sciences.
Stuart Macintyre, The Poor Relation: A History of Social Sciences in Australia, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, 2010.
MPs David Willetts and Tony Wright have urged social science professionals to increase collaboration with hard sciences and play an active role in educating the policy community.
While these are important questions, social science is often silent about what policies we ought to adopt.
More students are opting for the study of arts and social science degrees in Singapore.
Thomson Reuters launched the Century of Social Sciences, a set of backfiles tracing social science research dating from 1900.
Thomson Reuters announced the launch of Century of Social Sciences, a set of backfiles tracing social science research from 1900.
College-level audiences studying social science or research methodology will appreciate SURVEY RESEARCH IN THE UNITED STATES: ROOTS AND EMERGENCE 1890-1960.
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