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a relation between living organisms (especially between people)

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Regarding the "agent" variable, the first social relation to which these participants referred to were classmates and friends.
Sacramental theater operated on several levels; hegemonic social relations were rethought through the eucharistic body of Christ, but also through concepts of penance.
Every new social relation begets a new type of wrong-doing--of sin, to use an old fashioned word," trust-busting President Theo-dore Roosevelt said as he signed the bill into law.
Using a variety of behavioural and neuroimaging techniques, We intend to investigate whether children infer the specific social relation that the intentional structure and the cost-benefit outcome of an observed interaction could reveal.
Totally; from results and reports, it can be perceived that in this children, main indicators of social relation like attachment, imitate from others, understanding others, excitements and social plays were all damaged.
And frequent conflicts with any type of social relation were associated with 2-3 times increased mortality risk.
Considering the relatively stable of social relation in the period of time, the support vector machine (SVM) is presented to predict the social relation.
In this context characterised by hyper-communication, there is a new form of sociability, especially among young people: the social relation with strangers.
Satisfaction with Social Relation Between Jewish and Arab Students Jewish (n = 38) Arab (n = 44) t (df = 80) M SD M SD General social relations 3.
The slaves were not wage labourers, but without the existence of the wage labour/capital social relation, slave labour could not have been capital-producing labour.
Social relation exists among individuals as a result of interaction with one another.
What makes a woman is her specific social relation to a man, and what makes a man is his specific social relation to a woman.
There is still a communication based on a social relation, but more distant than a face to face meeting.
A market is a social relation between a number of actors, who do not know each other except fleetingly.
He emphasised the imperative for ALO to create, as part of its new structuring, a managing body tasked with stepping up social dialogue and adopt it as a strategic choice in the social relations system, as well as a pillar of the democratic change in Arab countries.