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position in a social hierarchy

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Where they fitted into that society depended in large part on their mother's social rank. These are complex problems of social and family history that need to be investigated further.
This community was scored at 64.6 overall for well-being, sharing that overall score with its three closest competitors, with a purpose rank of 50, a social rank of 66, a financial rank of 42--all three in the second quintile of scores--and two first-quintile scores: a community rank of 3 and a physical rank of 10.
The majority (61.2%) of the students placed themselves in the middle rungs (5-7) of the subjective social status scale, with 13.5% reporting low social rank (rungs 1-4) and 25.2% reporting high social rank (rungs 8-10).
They speak the Bhojpuri dialect of Hindi and Nepali and are considered as one of the most backward and marginalised groups, who have been subject to blatant caste-based discrimination for ages owing to their lower social rank, write Amir Hasan, B.R.
The propensity both to unite and classify celebrants by social rank, he says, provides insight into nearly everything else about social relationships in the society.
Most are in fact examples of gender fluidity, which throw a lot of light into our understanding of early-modern gender as an intersectional marker of social rank, class subalternity, and personal agency.
This is because we exploit a new phase named social rank replication to reduce the redundancy in the network.
Then the researchers rearranged the monkeys into different groups of five and this time grouped monkeys of the same social rank together.
In addition, previous work in crayfish showed that our method of coding aggressive and submissive acts led to unambiguous identification of social rank, which was assessed by determining status-dependent priority of resource use (Herberholz et al., 2007) and by parallel expression of non-agonistic behaviors in dominants and subordinates (Herberholz et al., 2003).
No significant correlation between testosterone levels and a male's David's score indicated that testosterone was independent of social rank. Also, copulatory behaviors were positively correlated with fecal testosterone levels in both seasons, regardless of social rank.
They materialize as natural leaders despite managerial or social rank.
The number of statues indicates the high social rank of the woman when she died.
Researchers found that when a pack member leaves, wolves howl more if it's a wolf with a higher social rank who shares an important relationship with them.
While individuals are born into a hereditary social rank or kasta (which formerly consisted of several levels but now refers simply to aristocrats and commoners), they are also able to shift ranks by being ostracized, demoted or elevated through marriage.
Intervention to increase the equality of food access in the postbreeding period may not be necessary in captive flamingo flocks, since low social rank in most cases appears not to have harmful long-term consequences.