social rank

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position in a social hierarchy

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Dynamic interactions of behavior and amine neurochemistry in acquisition and maintenance of social rank in crayfish.
Key words: Macaca thibetana; fecal testosterone, copulatory behavior, social rank, non human primates.
Because in the decades since he wrote, something has strengthened that was long a part of the country's culture -- a sense that we are all equal, no matter what the social rank.
They materialize as natural leaders despite managerial or social rank.
The number of statues indicates the high social rank of the woman when she died.
Researchers found that when a pack member leaves, wolves howl more if it's a wolf with a higher social rank who shares an important relationship with them.
While individuals are born into a hereditary social rank or kasta (which formerly consisted of several levels but now refers simply to aristocrats and commoners), they are also able to shift ranks by being ostracized, demoted or elevated through marriage.
There's still much work to do in our quest to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at a higher education, irrespective of race, gender or social rank.
Intervention to increase the equality of food access in the postbreeding period may not be necessary in captive flamingo flocks, since low social rank in most cases appears not to have harmful long-term consequences.
Photographs taken among African tribes by the late Loti Riefenstahl (Hitler's favourite photographer), show how complete nudity neutralises social rank.
It has the same shaped waistline and silhouette of a jacket or doublet made for those of military or social rank.
Anti-Federalists accused Federalists of aristocratic leanings, and Federalists accused Anti-Federalists of belonging to an inferior social rank.
The Queen's subjects were deferential to a fault - to her, to social rank generally, to the church she led and to "her" government.
Previous research on rhesus macaques discovered that social rank influenced components of the stress response, brain, and immune system.
The social rank theory focuses on social power in relationships (dominant versus submissive behavior) and on judgments of one's relative standing (concerning inferiority or incompetency).