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the branch of psychology that studies persons and their relationships with others and with groups and with society as a whole

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For decades, social psychologists have been studying what prompts bystanders to act or passively look on, explained Rim Saab, assistant professor of social psychology at the American University of Beirut.
Toch examined this structure through the eyes of a social psychologist, which allowed him to see the effects of restrictive housing not only on the individual, but on the institution as well.
One wonders if a CFR Christian could comfortably be a good laboratory research social psychologist--or is the Christian social psychologist to find research strategies well removed from the misleading or deceptive strategies deemed necessary to study behaviors such as obedience or conformity?
In the documentary, to be screened at 9pm tomorrow, experts at the forefront of the research talk to Swiss social psychologist Bertolt Meyer.
There are huge expectations of a holiday, especially this year, which has been tough with money worries and a gloomy climate, says social psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley.
Dr Sandra Wheatley, a social psychologist, said: "We are all given a hand of cards and it is up to you how you deal them.
a social psychologist and organizational consultant, is president of Human Dynamics Associates Inc.
AoWe have these internal negotiations going in our heads all day, even if we donAAEt know it,Ao said BenoEt Monin, a social psychologist who studies moral licensing at Stanford University.
David Moxon, a social psychologist who led the study, said: "More than ever, research is highlighting a trend in reduced attention and concentration spans, and as our experiment suggests, the younger generation appear to be the worst afflicted.
Carol Tavris is a social psychologist and works with co-psychologist Elliott Aronson to produce a hard-hitting analysis in MISTAKES WERE MADE (BUT NOT BY ME): WHY WE JUSTIFY FOOLISH BELIEFS, BAD DECISIONS AND HURTFUL ACTS.
Byline: By social psychologist Dr ARTHUR CASSIDY, a suicide expert
Myers, ASA member, author of The Pursuit of Happiness, and an outstanding social psychologist himself, labels Gilbert one of the most talented contemporary social psychologists.
of Toronto social psychologist Jonathan Freedman examined them five years ago and found the evidence weak.
And now, a British social psychologist has released research suggesting that models of average size are just as effective at selling products as ultra-thin ones.
The book, which is dedicated to Goldwater, draws heavily on the work of the social psychologist Bob Altemeyer, the creator of a scale for measuring "right-wing authoritarian" (RWA) tendencies.
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