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We use to teach to students about social processes of education and emphasizing that education is a social work.
The central claim of the author is that knowledge, ideology and discourse are social processes that are inextricably linked.
Representative of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) resident in Lebanon Nawaf Al-Dabbous discussed on Sunday with former Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora a number of projects that KFAED implemented in the country.After his meeting with Siniora, Al-Dabbous told KUNA that KFAED pays great attention to supporting social and development projects in Lebanon, as well as boosting the economic and social process in that country.Various development and social projects were discussed during the meeting, especially the Sidon Archaeological Museum which due to open to the public in 2012, noted Al-Dabbous.
The article suggests that these relationships are informed partly by exterior regulation, but also emerge predominantly from care as a social process and daily human activity in which the self exists through and with others.
Aging as a Social Process: Canadian Perspectives is a comprehensive text covering aging and age-related issues within a Canadian context.
The book's persuasive rationale also lies in the study of the social process of change that affects Palestinian society in Lebanon.
Bandura stated (1977) that learning is a social process, so in an online environment the instructor and the learner should make sure that the communication is flowing daily and should reflect one another's behaviors, attitudes, and emotions via their reactions to each other in the discussion or chat room.
In chapter 1, De La Torre discusses the social process of reading, defines key terms and concepts for his study, and demonstrates how sometimes modern readers have a tendency to impose meanings on ancient biblical texts that are anachronistic.
Co-operative membership as a complex and dynamic social process. [electronic resource] Michael Gertler.
The other three social process variables were neighbourhood involvement, neighbourhood friendliness, and sense of community.
This will require a social process that recognises and builds on the values of individuals and communities who share an interest in the Darling Basin.
It is a historical, cultural moving target, a ceaseless political and social process. It is fundamentally un-American, and futile, to try to fix it on one historical moment or one people's cultural expression.
First, there is the neglect of the fact that accommodation in the workplace is a social process (Gates, 2000).
We do not know where this development will ultimately take us, but it will transform the evolutionary process by drawing reproduction into a highly selective social process that is far more rapid and effective in spreading successful genes than traditional sexual reproduction and mate selection" (2-3).
The Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi) and Yellowstone grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) cases illustrate negative consequences to a recovery program when social process is overlooked, under-attended to, or ignored.
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