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The awards presentation takes place at a gala dinner in the JW Marriott Marquis hotel, Dubai, on 10 December, an event which has become a great social occasion and essential networking opportunity.
Despite everything it was still a very enjoyable and social occasion.
The Derby is a wonderful social occasion as much as a great sports event, and I hope that these pictures capture both of these elements.
The end of the book explains the origins and celebrations of the Day of the Dead, emphasizing that it is a happy and social occasion.
Hot fashion trends like beads, sparkles, and lively colors lend a modern flair to perfectly coordinated social occasion invitations and other party paper products.
The seaside holiday or day trip has been of enduring importance to the British over the twentieth century, and was a major social occasion for a majority of the British population up to and even after the second World War, when the resorts enjoyed a short-lived boom.
With better lighting by night, travel was safer, the crime rate fell, and the evening meal, rather than the midday meal, became the important social occasion of the day.
One in five surveyed for the Government's Know Your Limits campaign said they needed alcohol to get through any social occasion.
She said: "The children love walking to school together - it's a real social occasion.
For a pensioner who draws her pension every week and pays her bills, it's a lifeline and often a social occasion to meet and chat.
Dickon White, Aintree Racecourse's marketing and PR manager, said: 'The 2005 meeting attracted close to 155,000 visitors over the three days and it has become an unmissable social occasion.
A JUBILEE Snowball walk in Coventry at the weekend will not only raise money for needy children, but will be a social occasion - and good for your health