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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver

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5) In drawing on the metaphor of navigation as a process by which individuals move in and are moved by an ever-changing and often unpredictable environment, social navigation is highly relevant for considering refugee settlement; a context that is fluid and shaped by dynamic socio-political forces that in turn affect settlers' possibilities.
United States Google is reportedly planning to launch a carpooling service using its Waze social navigation platform.
Telenav's mission is to help reduce stress, improve productivity and make life more fun through a more personalized and social navigation experience.
The 2008 amendments should go far in reducing the obstacles these overly-narrow readings of the ADA would have placed in the path of a person suffering discrimination because of behavior arising out of autism, bipolar disorder, depression, and other conditions that impair their social navigation skills or ability to maintain a steady emotional course through a day.
Social navigation is a construct representing being aware of what others are doing as a primary guide for one's own actions.
More specific topics include photographs in online dating, music usage rights and privileges, violent video game research, and social navigation in ubiquitous computing.
Social navigation both guides and is guided by the interactions, combined with explicit and implicit ratings, and classifications provided by its users (topics), which can themselves be clustered by users into topic groups.
Social navigation involves using the behavior of other people to help you navigate online.
Navigating from one personal page to another, we suddenly have a new sort of search strategy, although this sort of social navigation [3] is new only in the context of computer networks - it is, of course, an old and familiar way of finding things out in the real world.
If selfishness and altruism both emanate from humanity's evolved capacity for social navigation within small groups, "there's good reason to suspect the same psychological mechanisms account for the most inspiring intellectual achievements and the most discouraging failures of reason, the noblest of moral acts and the lowest of inhumane cruelties," Caporael says.
Following an overview of the study's methodology, we explore the social navigation and resettlement experiences of seventeen youth.
Through several exploratory studies with online students, five components of social ability were explicated: written communication skills, peer social presence, instructor social presence, comfort with sharing personal information, and social navigation (Laffey, Lin, & Lin, 2006; Yang, Tsai, Cho, Kim, & Laffey, 2006; Lin, et al.
The suite's first two entries are the Social Navigation Module and the Search Engine Marketing Module.
We can find more by tracing through blogs and using the new social navigation tools, such as tags.