social gathering

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a gathering for the purpose of promoting fellowship

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S service for the management of social gathering centers, Playrooms and recreational and recreational activities, Of the educational services for minors and adults, Of the service of specialist school assistance, Of the informacittadin @ and social secretariat desk and services for non self-sufficiency for the municipalities of dolianova, Donori, Serdiana and soleminis.
Moreover, Life lover's club not only offers rejuvenating outing, parties and social gatherings, but also engages audiences in soul and body transformational yoga and amazing life transforming talk session which directly works at seven chakras of the participants.
Comprising workshops, symposia, seminars, majlis discussions and social gatherings, the activities will shed light on a range of media and social issues.
The post's play area, near the embassy tennis court, includes a social gathering spot.
The events, organised by the University-based Horizon Volunteering, also included a social gathering, information session for prospective volunteers, a conservation volunteering session and fundraising for the British Heart Foundation.
As the Records Management Society is the foremost professional association for all those who work in or are concerned with records or information management, (and regardless of professional or organisational status or qualifications,) the annual conference has always been famed as a friendly and very social gathering.
Another issue is that the officials in the booths are in there for hours on end with no break, so they turn their shift into a social gathering, which slows things down.
They are a key tool in tackling financial and social exclusion and are key social gathering points.
I just saw a photograph in the Toronto Sun of the new Archbishop of Toronto smiling beside former Prime Minister John Turner at a recent social gathering.
The gardens will be used for fruit and vegetable cultivation, passive recreation and social gathering, and provide storm water control and enhanced insulation.
The service, starting at 7pm, will take place at Our Lady Help of Christians Church and will be followed by a social gathering at the school.
A Warwickshire Police spokesman said inquiries were continuing into an incident which happened at a social gathering of Asian elders on Saturday November 12
As a risk manager, have you ever been to a social gathering and found that you didn't have enough to say?
After hosting a social gathering this summer, what you want to hear from happy colleagues and associates is "that was a great party