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186 that the social function of rural property is fulfilled when it accomplishes certain criteria and levels of exigency established by law, including "proper use of available natural resources and preservation of the environment".
For social function, emotional function, body image and future perspective, all belonging to functional scales, higher scores meant better overall status and, consequently, better QL as to these domains.
Derived from the QOLIE-89, this scale contains domains that include seven subscales: overall quality of life, seizure worry, emotional well-being, cognitive function, energy/fatigue, medication effects, and social function. The responses can yield seven individual scores (per subtest) and a total (composite) score.
The measure includes 36 items that are summarized into eight subscales: Physical Functioning, Role Limitations-Physical, Bodily Pain, Self-Reported General Health, Vitality, Social Function, Role Limitations-Emotional, and Mental Health.
Family farms play an economic role in terms food security, but they also have a social function, structuring rural areas, Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos said, on 29 November, at a conference on family farming in Brussels.
The first indicates that a declaration of 'urgent social interest' has been made regarding parcels of land whose owners have not complied with the supposedly corresponding social function of the private property on the basis that it should have a use which generates a product which is either agricultural, environmental, social, economical or food related.
Public opinion, propaganda, ideology; theories on the press and its social function in interwar Japan, 1918-1937.
James Allison, pictured right, was last seen at his home in Coronation Road, Hurley, at about 7.30pm on Monday by his wife, who left to attend a social function and returned at 10pm.
Mostly applied linguists, but also an anthropologist and a neurologist investigate why frontotemporal dementia's primary effect was not on cognitive functioning, but on the patient's social function. Their diverse approaches allowed a study that covers a case study of social regulation in frontotemporal dementia, exploring the moral bases of frontotemporal dementia through social action, examining perseverative behaviors of a frontotemporal dementia patient and caregiver response, and the interactive organization of insight from clinical interviews with frontotemporal dementia patients.
Following the fitness event, a social function will be held in the centre's caf and bar.
"I confess I had no intentions of selling any part of him," said Coveney, but Elaine and I were out with Geoff and Sharon on a recent social function and it just seemed to happen.
Due to missing taxpayers data in Germany and the assumed weakness of lobbying interest groups' self-portraits when asked, in this paper case studies are developed and critically discussed in the light of Olson's and Becker's approaches on the social function of lobbying interest groups.
* Acknowledgment plaque presented at conference social function.
These latter, three-storey porches allow air and light into the central void of the building; they also have a social function, as do the staggered rooftop terraces at the very top of the tower.
"To highlight social function is not my concern," she has said, "even if that should mean that I'm completely superficial." It is, I think, in precisely this skirting of superficiality--what Italian critic Gregorio Magnani has termed her "essential unwillingness to represent objects and architecture as embodiments of ideas"--that the unique power of Hofer's work lies.
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