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For social function, emotional function, body image and future perspective, all belonging to functional scales, higher scores meant better overall status and, consequently, better QL as to these domains.
Derived from the QOLIE-89, this scale contains domains that include seven subscales: overall quality of life, seizure worry, emotional well-being, cognitive function, energy/fatigue, medication effects, and social function.
Public opinion, propaganda, ideology; theories on the press and its social function in interwar Japan, 1918-1937.
30pm on Monday by his wife, who left to attend a social function and returned at 10pm.
Following the fitness event, a social function will be held in the centre's caf and bar.
Due to missing taxpayers data in Germany and the assumed weakness of lobbying interest groups' self-portraits when asked, in this paper case studies are developed and critically discussed in the light of Olson's and Becker's approaches on the social function of lobbying interest groups.
Acknowledgment plaque presented at conference social function.
For another, while salon sociability did not exclude political discussion, the old regime salon's intellectual goals were far broader than mere politics, and its primary social function was to promote social integration and advance the reputation of its mistress.
I am sure that there are other positive changes that could be made to improve the system and better serve the social function of taking care of our old and infirm in a manner that honors their social contributions and affords them respect.
While opposed, naturally, to unjust discrimination towards homosexual persons, he sees no reason for the state to "sustain" or grant "social relevance" to domestic arrangements that do not have "a social function.
Hold a social function for members and their guests.
Speakers included Stephen Zack, past president of The Florida Bar, who spoke about the value of networking and getting to know everyone at every social function.
Neither side predominates, except in the gentle blurring of our perception of the totality: For Pardo, this is a most auspicious condition from which to begin rethinking the social function of art.
His attempt to ascertain the social function of this language is guided by two pivotal questions.
9); and a very interesting chapter on prostitution and pimping, which filled a social function and were not so stigmatized as one might think (chap.
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