social drinker

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someone who drinks liquor repeatedly in small quantities

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Results from this item were used to classify participants as abstainers (zero drinks), social drinkers (one to four drinks) or high-risk drinkers (five or more drinks).
We studied a group of individuals who were acutely intoxicated at the time of death and may or may not have been chronic alcoholics, a group of known chronic alcoholics with a negative blood ethanol at the time of autopsy, and a group of social drinkers. Pieces of liver and adipose tissue were collected to determine FREE concentration in these organs.
I'm a social drinker but I'm not a great one for downing dozens of glasses of something.
Fallon, who is married to former jockey Julie Bowker and has three children, described himself as 'a serious social drinker' rather than an alcoholic.
Social drinker controls, who matched (age, gender, race) a subsample (n = 204) of the alcoholics, were recruited by advertisement to establish sensitivity and specificity parameters.
I'm a social drinker but I don't drink all the time.
Mr Carr said: "Prior to the breakdown of the marriage he was a social drinker but he concedes that he then tried to drown his sorrows and was partaking in far too much alcohol."
Gone are the days when I used to make a fool of myself, but now I class myself as a regular social drinker who uses the public houses and a couple of clubs on a regular basis.
The alcohol content in the victim's blood was over three times the drink driving limit and, according to a forensic scientist, would cause 'severe intoxication in the average social drinker'.
Her agent said: "We appreciate your respect to her and her family's privacy at this time." In October, Reid said she was a "social drinker" who was over her party phase.
Although only a social drinker he began drinking more heavily and took medication for his depression, said north-east Wales coroner John Hughes.
Fallon described himself as "a serious social drinker" rather than an alcoholic.
As a social drinker Mr Homer welcomed a freeze on alcohol duty, not that it would make a great deal of difference.
I'm lucky - I'm a social drinker, despite being three times more at risk of having developed a drink problem.