social drinker

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someone who drinks liquor repeatedly in small quantities

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Results from this item were used to classify participants as abstainers (zero drinks), social drinkers (one to four drinks) or high-risk drinkers (five or more drinks).
This group most likely included chronic alcoholics and/or social drinkers who ingested an excessive amount of ethanol before death.
I'm a social drinker but I don't drink all the time.
Mrs Small added that she was not bothered too much by the increase in alcohol tax as she was mainly a social drinker and it could deter binge-drinking, something that causes casualty departments to be overrun with people injured or affected by alcohol.
Although only a social drinker he began drinking more heavily and took medication for his depression, said north-east Wales coroner John Hughes.
Social drinker controls, who matched (age, gender, race) a subsample (n = 204) of the alcoholics, were recruited by advertisement to establish sensitivity and specificity parameters.
I'm lucky - I'm a social drinker, despite being three times more at risk of having developed a drink problem.
Mr Starn's sister Joanna Mizrahi told the ECHO: "Before the attack Arthur was a social drinker.
I wouldn't call myself a binge drinker I would call myself a social drinker.
So, while relaxing with the odd drink at home or with friends, the social drinker may be surprised to find there are three units of alcohol in a single large glass of white wine.
Mr Powell's friend Eric Harmer, who was at the retrial, said Mr Powell had been a social drinker and no more.
Rob says: "John describes himself as a social drinker.
Survey respondents fell into five main coffee personalities: The Social Drinker (33%) who shares coffee as a break with family and friends; The Comfort Lover (24%) who likes to hold a warm drink in their hands; The Coffee Addict (14%) who must have coffee to get through the day; The Task Master (11%) who uses coffee to stay focused; and the Coffee Gourmet (7%) who matches the optimum brew with the perfect meal.