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We're entered an era where cyber-bullying is the new disease among social diseases, whose only treatment is prevention.
Sheikh Jaber also pointed out that the youth bear responsibility in taking the initiative, and being creative toward the prosperity of their country, including finding solutions to social diseases, like tribalism and racism.
This organization publishes regular reports on care quality for patients with major social diseases and prepares evidence-based strategies for improving the care quality.
These are debilitating social diseases that are difficult to cure unless their causes are identified and understood.
To Cooper, there is nothing worse than a group health project on social diseases.
al-Assad visits a center for rehabilitating youth who are exposed to social diseases.
Analyzing sanitary campaigns, social reform programmes and public health legislation between 1910 and 1925 uncovered two distinct currents within Colombia's national discourse; there was a political and social dimension (exemplified by political treatises and debates, legislation and policy) and a narrower, more specific medical construction regarding tuberculosis and alcoholism as being biological and social diseases.
Haneef Hassan Ali added: "Preventive health and health promotion have been given a higher priority in the UAE, which is dominated by social diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.
The material world is calm, stable, and far from religionAEs cultural and social diseases.
The current situation would produce more social diseases, notably corruption," he added.
One of Europe's most devastating social diseases never went away.
And two, have our scientists got nothing better to do with their time and their (very expensive) education than piddle about inventing silly, social diseases.