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Linked with the social disease present before the disaster, this distrust of the government has served as an impetus to bring some youth out of their reveries, inspiring them not only to participate in the cleanup efforts but also to actively take part in anti-nuclear protests held throughout the nation.
To the same extent to which TB has been regarded a social disease (8, 9), we contend that TB prevention and control should also be viewed as a paradigmatic example of why health matters for economic growth: a TB-free workforce adds to the human capital of a nation, and a healthier society, in turn, results in growth (40, 41).
Maybe the vandalism is an easily transmitted social disease but freedom is demonically more contagious, stresses Organovski
Tuberculosis (TB) is a social disease with medical aspects accounting for 8.
Like any social disease, the first steps are to actually acknowledge its existence, challenge it, and continuous- ly fight it with the dedication it requires.
Manama: Between 12 and 15 per cent of Oman's population comprises diabetes patients, putting Sultanate on list of countries with the highest number of diabetes cases in the world, said Professor Dr Faisal Abdul Lateef Al Nasir, head of the Family and Social Disease Department at Medical College of Arab Gulf University.
Our mothers and sisters are not so weak, but they fall prey to such monsters and become the victims of this social disease.
It is also a dangerous social disease, a pervasive syphilitic ideology that rots the brains and destroys the central nervous systems of the societies it attacks.
Why do some become infected with the social disease and not others?
Therefore, extremism is a social disease that should be eradicated completely.
The real truth is that the social disease called "homophobia" is actually what Rich Bohler of Jacksonville, Florida has termed "Theophobid'--the fear of God, religion and morality, calling out to warn us that following the path of "sexual freedom" could lead to the loss of one's immortal soul.
The pathology of the social disease known as nationalism has for long been under examination by mysophobic liberal social scientists.
This episode made me think of the quote from police chief officer Krupkie from the show, West Side Story, when he said "These folks have a social disease.
As a result of their being there a long time, and the refugees' saving beings depleted, you've an emerging phenomenon of prostitution and the social disease and criminality connected with that.