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the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means

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Kirkilas said the position had not yet been sent to the Euro pean Social Party but would be forwarded after founding the Lithuanian Social Democratic Labor Party (LSDDP) with his colleagues.
The President of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, Tomov, stressed among other things that the construction of the Sofia-Skopje road was one of the major European projects, the carrying out of which, however, was very slow.
The Blair years were the zenith of the social democratic approach.
It seems a stretch, however, to include people such as Lucien Bouchard in the social democratic tent.
However, in arguing that the power of ideas is a necessary (though insufficient) ingredient in the combination of factors holding out some prospect of social democratic success, we might allow for the possibility that the relative autonomy of ideas has been overlooked.
The Social Democratic Party, famed for having built Sweden's reputable welfare "Nordic Model," became the biggest winner with over 31 percent of the vote, Xinhua reported.
Wigforss drew on many schools of thought to produce an alternative social democratic strategy.
Democratic Party of Denmark and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party
Most people count the following parties as social democratic ones: the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Justice Party and Al Dostour Party.
1 per cent, do not support the government led by the Social Democratic Party, SDP, while only 24 per cent back it.
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Total 480 (Ruling bloc 253) Democratic Party of Japan-Club of Independents 249 (Ruling bloc) People's New Party-Independents 4 (Ruling bloc) Liberal Democratic Party-Independents 120 People's Life First-Kizuna Party 47 New Komeito 21 Japanese Communist Party 9 Social Democratic Party-Shiminrengo 6 Your Party 5 Kaikaku-Independents 4 New Party Daichi-Shinminshu 3 Sunrise Party 2 Independents 9 Vacancy 1 (NOTE: Speaker included in Independents.
Kamchybek Tashiev after losing the presidential election came to Almazbek Atambaev and said he was ready to become a family member to get the post, said leader of the Social Democratic Party Chynybay Tursunbekov in an interview with the parliamentary radio on March 14.
Professor Branislav Sarkanjac in Nova Makedonija comments that the Macedonian social democratic party wants to seize power again but how is it to meet the expectations and how will it determine the priorities of its policies.
It was, in my view, a genuine social democratic party and I think it's come back in to that group," he says.
The text was thwarted by a vote of the Social Democratic Party against the text and the abstention of the Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Centre.
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