social democracy

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the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means

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Because social democracy will not tolerate corruption, dictatorship and leadership for self-gain.
Social democracy on the other hand is considered a more sympathetic approach.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the prize, but Sweden was also an advanced social democracy.
Martell disagrees with both those wishing to play down the Manifesto's radicalism as just another expression of social democracy and those who complain that the Leap, for all its bold assertions, is not explicitly anti-capitalist: "When taken seriously," Martell says, the Manifesto's demands "are in direct opposition to the oppressive logic of global capitalism.
This isolation allowed Marxist social democracy to gain a predominance which, in turn, allowed the rewriting of the First International's history.
Social democracy has always been a complex and contested political tradition.
Reviving Social Democracy is an unusual and welcome addition to the study of Canada's New Democratic Party.
Social democracy does not have to be monopolized by Marxists and practicing Muslims can also have social democratic claims.
The reason for this loss of support is that EDEK now appears closer to the ideology of national socialism than social democracy.
Remaining Loyal: Social Democracy in Quebec and Saskatchewan, by David McGrane, McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal & Kingston, 373p.
The HPR Speaker told Amady Ba the parliament is now open to citizens and civil society as part of anchoring a culture of participatory and social democracy, reads a press release from the HPR.
Giving maximum stress on this aspect Ambedkar argued that the formal framework of democracy is of no value and would indeed be a misfit if there was no social democracy.
This book examines the thought of Swedish politician Ernst Wigforss on the unrealized potential of social democracy.
THE investigators probing the suicide of the 55- year- old executive director of Institute for Social Democracy, Khurshid Anwar ( in pic), are trying to unravel the truth behind the sexual assault allegations levelled against him.
This alternative system of political economy we describe as social democracy, to indicate affinity with Murphy and Nagel's (2002) claim that what are described as rights of private property are but grants from the state, and which can be reclaimed at any time by the state.
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