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a person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball)

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"Social dancers are some of the most welcoming, supportive people out there," says Lora Wilson, board certified dance therapist at the UCLA Arts and Healing Social Emotional Arts program.
Dance is central to the cultural life of Cuba, a country of balletomanes and social dancers, innovators and classicists.
In the Orientation Theater, visitors will enjoy the first-ever live action and animated film of The Iroquois Creation Story a collaborative project among Ganondagan, Rochester Institute of Technology, Iroquois Social Dancers and Garth Fagan Dancers.
Soho's cosmopolitan environment was strongly gendered female through the presence of women performers and dance hostesses, working and middle class shoppers seeking bargains on ready-to-wear fashions, social dancers, service and sex workers, and entrepreneurs, such as the memorable women who owned "shady nightclubs" and the Windmill Theatre.
This global phenomenon, where social dancers play a very advanced game of Simon Says to musical accompaniment, is completely infectious.
The gala ball is being staged by Stafford-based dance promoters Nick and Alison Gallagher- Hughes, of Midlands Dance Events, who regularly hold events for social dancers around the region.
This special 4-day event brings together performers, instructors, social dancers and spectators from around the world to join the New York salsa community in celebrating this wonderful dance and music."
My wife and I are also social dancers and live in Caerphilly.