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Indirect Health-Related Social Control and Psychological Functioning
Therefore, the objective of this work is to identify and discuss the possibilities of Social Management as a tool of social control.
Medical social control has been said to emerge from medicine as an agent of social control (1) as evidenced by the sick role.
The next section discusses how coercive foreign interventions entail a foreign government imposing social control over a population located outside of its geographic boundaries.
Keywords: social control, relationship quality, smoking, health behavior, couples
54), a definition that turns the typical notion of social control by the media on its head.
When the table is examined , it is seen that there is a positive significant relation between students' secure attachment styles scores and emotional expressivity, emotional sensitivity, social expressivity, social control scores (p<.
Alcohol misuse in Indigenous communities, according to Langton, was a product of three interrelated factors: the addictive chemical properties of alcohol; an absence of adequate informal social control mechanisms; and lack of incentives for meaningful activities in either employment or cultural activities.
This paper analyzes the interdependence between social control mechanisms, social networks and collective action.
The likelihood that a man will have multiple sex partners--a key factor promoting the spread of HIV--may be mediated by his financial resources and his exposure to social control mechanisms, such as monitoring by village elders and family members.
Although social support and social control are both common ways that people respond to the needs of others, the outcomes associated with the two types of assistance may be very different, thus it is vital to study the differences between them.
This article revisits these arguments and discusses to what extent traditional Inuit methods of social control have found their way into the Nunavut criminal justice system.
In fact, Maidment develops the argument that women offenders are subject to decidedly disempowering strategies of formal and informal social control outside the prison as well as in.
Cybernetic thinking was replete with talk of hypnotism, conditioned reflexes, and other tools of social control.