social contract

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an implicit agreement among people that results in the organization of society

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That is why abiding by civil rule is part of a social contract, and is conditional upon "the protection not only of the person but also of private property".
'Despite the current economic headwinds we are not and do not plan to ever deviate from this social contract with the people of Namibia.
The social contract was where from 1974 the PM, Harold Wilson, got all the Union leaders round to number 10 for beer and sandwiches and they told him how much money they wanted in pay rises and he agreed until he left office in 1976, just before the social contract hit the fan.
Some advocate renewing the social contract through a universal basic income (UBI) paid by the state to every adult citizen.
In the Centenary Conference, thousands of trade unionists and civil society activists marched outside the Palais des Nations carrying posters with a common message: Social Contract for the 21st century.
And so, it is like a social contract. We are not doing you any favour, it is not a political appointment.
Beenstock's book clearly places itself within this development, focusing on how Rousseau's idea of the social contract continued to fuel Romantic critiques and conceptions of community.
Mr Sikandar said the PJI would strive for the introduction of a new social contract to bring to an end to the concept of the security state and work for a strong federation along democratic, welfare and social lines.
(TAP) - A pact for economic competitiveness and social equity, an economic recovery plan, including a Dinar plan, a new social contract and an economic dialogue are the main proposals put forward by the Council of Economic Analysis (French: CAE) to get out of the difficult economic situation in the country.
So Pakistan as a country and a federation to survive and thrive needs an entirely new social contract that could put into place such a political system that would not only be functional but would address the needs of the citizens.
December 19, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - The leader of the opposition National Umma Party (NUP), Sadiq al-Mahdi, returned to Sudan on Wednesday ending a ten-month self-imposed exile, but his call for a new social contract dismayed the party youth members.
The sultan said the mistrust and speculation among the various races of late, which had somehow affected harmony and unity among Malaysians, was attributed to the attitude of some individuals who were not aware of the social contract and did not care to know and understand the history of the country.
This warrants a 'social contract' in place adequately guaranteeing the exercise of free will, with the liberties protected by law.
A progressive, trusted and resilient social contract, a tool of good governance, acts today as an actionable step toward revitalizing mandates of conflict prevention and sustainable peace.
The PTI chief taunted the PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for calling for a new social contract in the country.