social contract

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an implicit agreement among people that results in the organization of society

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He said that the new social contract should be based on the concept of equal rights and equal citizenship for all Pakistanis.
T he evolution of the social contract in the Arab world has witnessed different stages.
The idea of a social contract in each of the East Asian countries and in the region as a whole is a good one.
Sami Sellini, member of the Social Affairs Committee of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, for his part, stressed that this social contract signed on January 14, 2013, represents a fundamental engine of the dialogue and a lever for sustainable development.
They noted that the challenges to social contract can be addressed by bringing people at center of attention.
Mr Sharif should have made calls for coming up with a new social contract when he was in power as he could easily have brought around the political parties, both inside and outside of parliament, to the issue.
Abdullah's shaving sparked ridicule and anger among Saudi fans who noted that the kingdom had bigger fish to fry, including changes to its social contract as a result of financial austerity, budget deficits because of tumbling oil prices, a stalled war in Yemen, proxy wars with Iran in Syria and elsewhere, and uncertainty about its relationship with the United States, the Gulf's main protector,
Summary: The social contract between the state and the people is broken.
It is not only for newcomers to the Social Contract but also for scholars who want to appreciate the nuances of the work as well as its significant place in political theory.
00), The Social Contract is the unabridged audiobook reading of the classic treatise about the concept of human freedom in the context of political structures, originally penned by Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).
Socrates, choosing to go to his death rather than violate the laws of Athens, justified the choice by noting that these same laws had protected him all has life; it was an eloquent expression of the social contract over 2,000 years before the term was even coined.
He announces early on that his argument is not based on a comprehensive moral or political theory such as utilitarianism or Kantian deontology or Rawlsian social contract theory.
Curtis's Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract is a diverse interdisciplinary study combining the theories of political science with literary analysis to produce some interesting and surprising results.
Government] support cannot go on forever, which underlines why the Social Contract for banks must be redrawn.
The theme for Africa Day was "How Law and Justice Can Help Translate Voice, Social Contract and Accountability into Development Impact in Africa".