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an implicit agreement among people that results in the organization of society

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Demographic Change and the Future of the American Social Compact
In short, we must modernize the social compact we Americans live by.
2) Social compacts and self-management agreements as a basic institutional instruments in so-called "Negotiated economy", which since the mid-seventies were a basic form of coordination of activities and alignment of interests and the regulation of relations on the basis of self-management, referred to, of course, and the agricultural sector in all its aspects.
Though the Bourbon reforms did not completely remove the influence of Hapsburg paternalism and the "quid pro quos" of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Iberian colonialism, in the end the social compacts that underlay colonial rule would be eroded, leading to political dissidence and, ultimately, the emergence of a modern republic.
The first two areas begin with topics of direct concern to students since the context underlying the topic is the classroom, a world of rules and implicit social compacts, which has defined their educational existence from its inception.
Moreover, new national social compacts in the United States and Europe would almost certainly require restrictions on immigration, trade and capital flows that, in the unlikely event they were agreed to, could worsen economic and social conditions in the nonindustrialized world.
In the hands of the coalition the `tax debate' and the Wik debate stand in for the dissolution of all social compacts except one: that shaped by the dominance of rampaging money.
But he had a surplus nosiness that took him away from social compacts into movie houses, where he spied on lovers by means of infrared film, in the process creating a whole new category of voyeurist imagery.
It was a school on social compacts for us -- one exclusively white and diabolically evil and the other inclusively rainbow-colored and brilliantly beautiful.
But one of the real, and insufficiently appreciated, benefits of the postwar era of regulation was that it yielded a workplace stable enough to permit the negotiation of durable social compacts.
They emphasize the corroding effects of international integration (above all, debt), the power of international financial institutions, and the erosion of implicit social compacts between urban middle and working classes and ruling elites.
Social Compacts will be signed between the EDEs and the communities to reflect: a) reached agreements on the number of hours of electricity to be delivered daily by the EDEs; b) the legalization of illegal users; and c) payment of the electricity bills.
This means that social compacts reached between labor and capital in one or another advanced economy have b een reopened, challenged and disrupted; while social protections which reduce labor market flexibility have increasingly been found to be uneconomical.
This engagement further gives expression to the National Development Plans call to all society to come together to craft and implement social compacts that will help propel Free State onto a higher developmental trajectory.
The answers that evolve to such underlying questions will constitute a new normal or a new social compact.
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