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an implicit agreement among people that results in the organization of society

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For that reason our government has made a commitment to model ourselves as the kind of government that stands poised, ever ready to honour this social compact, by always being at hand to meet the needs of the citizens.
Natural rights, the idea of the state of nature, and social compact theory follow from the principle of natural equal liberty.
Ours is a deliberate strategy to remake the social compact among citizens about the roles and responsibilities in the city's renaissance by sharing stories designed to bubble up intelligence--using story as an intelligence tool for concrete action around evidence-based policymaking.
Part II argues that social compact theory--not separation of powers, accountability, or constitutional text--is the true foundation of the nondelegation principle.
The American social compact reflects our distinctive political culture and institutional arrangements.
It concluded: "The decision to deprive another human being of his or her liberty is, at root, anchored in beliefs about the relationship between the individual and society and the role of criminal sanctions in preserving the social compact.
In short, we must modernize the social compact we Americans live by.
In Part 1, she argues that inequality results from the natural functioning of capitalism and amounts to violation of the social compact.
Such a social compact and multi-stakeholder process would not replace judicial oversight and international human-rights law.
The president's address was a compelling reminder of our social compact and of the tremendous opportunities for improvement presented by our nation's good fortune and extraordinary resources.
Pfund had a personal interest in social and environmental causes - after college she was an intern at the Sierra Club and she started a social compact fund for JP Morgan in 2004.
By contrast, Japanese firms were constrained by the existing social compact and unable to adjust to new conditions.
Social compact The theoretical case for reducing or eliminating subsidies is overwhelming, but in practice progress has been slow.
Germany's social compact between organised capitalism, trades unions and the government is an anathema to Cameron's heirs to Margaret Thatcher's brutal individualism.
If countries do not fulfill the conditions of prosperity and progress for its citizens - and freedom is at the heart progress and prosperity - then the otherwise binding social compact becomes null and void.
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