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someone seeking social prominence by obsequious behavior

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Then, when the Conde came of age, and the population was 37 million, social climbing became the pastime of those who wanted to hobnob with Manila's original 400, but which was interrupted by martial law.
And in the end, she falls in love with the smart college boy and trades her social climbing for do-goodingthough, inevitably, with a bit of shadchan meddling on the side.
Snobbery and social climbing was an obvious choice for me, especially after the royal wedding.
A particular attention was also granted to the mechanism of social climbing so that the middle class remain the majority.
AS GHOST writer for a newspaper column by socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Wendy Holden learned a lot about social climbing.
Jourdain in this production was the most endearing, sympathetic character of the lot, David Brett, a diamond geezer who obviously believed that his attempts at social climbing were the thing to do.
where the playground is just another venue for social climbing, as it is about motherhood.
Manny, the social climbing, gay real estate broker, schemes to be accepted into "uppper" society.
The fashion industry is offering various purse styles for that upscale, enterprising, social climbing, Sister-on-the-go, so if you're in hot pursuit of the perfect purse, check out a few of this season's must-haves.
Recommended for a mature audience, this novel is a tangle of personal resentment and social climbing set against the backdrop of political intrigue.
Gentle" is always a slur intended to make fun of Shakespeare's social climbing, and any seemingly obvious compliments are really derogatory.
It takes years of dedicated social climbing to get in.
It is not a pretty picture but rather a devastating portrait of social climbing, venality, and deceit.