social climber

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someone seeking social prominence by obsequious behavior

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I could not agree with you more about those with a mistaken sense of selfimportance but about social climbers being much nicer, I am very glad you said sometimes.
Director Baz Luhrmann has recreated the lavish 1920s playground of the rich where the beautiful, upper-class Daisy is wooed by social climber Gatsby, and it's a riot of colour and opulence enhanced by 3D.
History and popular culture have portrayed the mother of Queen Elizabeth I in colors ranging from scheming social climber to innocent victim.
Now, some wannabe Twitter social climber (Tsc), desperate to collect as many followers as possible and thus to augment his high school hierarchical status, would actually follow an outcast, a boy crazy, or a clueless for a while, and after the latter has followed him back, the Tsc would sneakily unfollow keeping the number of people he follows to the lowest possible level.
Eithne Brown gave a suitably Hyacinth Bouquey-esque performance as the Margaret Thatcher loving social climber Ann Twacky, while Suzanne Collins is an undeniably sexy presence as buxom dreamer Maggie.
JUST WRIGHT (Cert PG, 96 mins) TALENTED physical therapist Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) has always put her friends, including social climber Morgan (Paula Patton), ahead of herself.
Outdoor shots of the Onslow family home were filmed at Mitchell Avenue in Stoke Aldermoor while camera crews filmed shots of the home of social climber Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) in Binley Woods.
Georg Jenatsch (1596-1639) was the most powerful man in the Swiss province Graubunden, a social climber whose power rested on his success as a military entrepreneur, says Head (European history, U.
And I was a little worried it might make him look a little too much of a social climber too early on or that he appeared too ambitious.
CC de Poitiers, a loathsome and entirely self-absorbed pretentious social climber, is electrocuted at a public curling contest.
No one ever admits to being a social climber or a snob.
Paul wholesale drummer and social climber who missed Opportunity's calling to become partner in a wholesale firm, resolving instead to invest in the company as a committed and steadfast employee.
On 25 May 1955, he and his fellow climber, Joe Brown, made the final part of the ascent of the 8,586-metre holy mountain (they never actually set foot on the summit--find out why in Stephen Venables' profile, Social climber, on p48).
This is 1929 and he's a would-be social climber, desperate to reach the upper crust and not too savvy about how to get there.
But in his Random House book, The Wrong Man, Neff, investigations editor for The Seattle Times, presents the strongest case yet that Marilyn Sheppard was actually killed by a window washer turned social climber named Richard Eberling.