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Synonyms for Delicious

Synonyms for Delicious

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greatly pleasing or entertaining


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extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

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The table below compares the features of several popular social bookmarking sites.
Social bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon and digg, as well as Twitter, can also serve as venues for cybersex.
The advanced functionality of RSS feeds, e-mail sharing and leading social bookmarking sites have been shown to help build increased search-engine visibility, online awareness and a community of users and followers around a company's news and products," said Michael Tangeman, vice president, The Pen Group.
The video was also picked up by prominent social bookmarking sites.
Well-known examples include the social networking sites, Facebook and Bebo, social bookmarking sites such as del.
Social bookmarking sites, where Web surfers share their favorite links, are giving a few heavy users power to shape the online viewing habits of thousands.
For example, they may search for blogs related to their niches, social bookmarking sites, forums or specific directories, and so on.
Community Insights monitors millions of blogs, message boards/forums, micro-blogs, social networks and social bookmarking sites as well as online news media.
While additional finding tools, such as Exalead's proximity search feature and social bookmarking sites, help find information that we know or suspect is out there, the next breakthrough will be in moving from search to discovery.
This is the 1,000-pound gorilla of social bookmarking sites (for some reason, I always have trouble spelling this one).
Popular social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Google+ and Foursquare, as well as social bookmarking sites like delicious, and social news sites like Digg or Reddit.
Property searches can be shared with over 100 options via social networking and social bookmarking sites and email applications.