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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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His key thesis is that the transitional moments in the life of Christ, as enunciated in the creeds, are also moments in human life, and that social anthropology is the discipline best equipped to understand these moments.
By and large, the debate has been led between ethnologists in CEE countries and their counterparts in the British-style tradition of social anthropology.
He argues that the 'institutional contexts' of social anthropology had a decisive influence on its intellectual trajectory, which cannot be understood separately from the history of the final decades of the European colonial empires.
Admittedly it's more reality TV than social anthropology in the traditional sense but to see some of the world's least accessible communities at such close quarters was fascinating viewing.
Researches were undertaken in two general areas, namely: social anthropology and ethnoarchaeology.
Williams has a first class honours degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University and an MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics from City University.
Children's playgrounds have long been characterized by a combination of artificial materials, intense colors, and oversize geometric forms, making them natural subjects for an artist interested in the flows of influence among Minimalist sculpture, civic architecture, and social anthropology.
He does emphasize, however, that according to these criteria there are few theories in social anthropology.
With a doctorate in social anthropology from Harvard University, Kurtz has also written on the roots of social and cultural divisions in America and the role of women in the Muslim world.
Zimdar graduated in 1998 from Knox College with a bachelor's degree in economics and social anthropology.
But social anthropology was conceived, at its origins, for societies differing completely from contemporary societies.
I've done social anthropology and moral philosophy as well as art history and geography.
She studied social anthropology and Scottish history at Edinburgh University.
In 1959, Levi-Strauss assumed the Chair of Social Anthropology at the College de France.
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